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Google and Microsoft End Their Decades Long Patent War

Engadget has an article about the end of a decade long patent war between Microsoft and Google.  This is good news at a variety of levels.  As the article note, they both finally realized that most of the arguments are about moot points where the cat is out of the bag.  My favorite part is […]

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Liferay Partners with Dynatrace for Digital Performance Management

Last week, Liferay announced a Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay Portal.  Here’s the quote from an associated email they sent out. With the Dynatrace FastPack for Liferay Portal, businesses can quickly leverage data and turn insights into action to improve digital user experiences based on important application performance indicators. Some of the benefits to Liferay customers include: […]

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Adobe Summit: Michael Lewis Interview

Michael Lewis is the author of Moneyball and other books. Here are some of the highlights from his Adobe Summit interview today: How do you do it? How do you grab attention? I don’t think of myself as “in that game.” Was more focused on getting my attention. Focus on what gets me out of […]

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