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Where is Oracle BI with Mobility?

It’s safe to concede that “appifications” in the mobile space (thanks to Apple’s world of Apps!) are driving trends and innovations in the BI marketplace.  Per Gartner (surveyed 1,364 organizations that use BI tools), here is a summary of the key Mobile BI statistics that have the potential of dramatically changing the experience of every […]

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More on SAP HANA vs. Oracle Exalytics

Clearly, there is a lot of hype surrounding SAP HANA and Oracle Exalytics.  They are both in-memory products, and although Exalytics is somewhat newer, HANA has only been generally available for about a year itself.  So, we don’t know what either might eventually become, or what newer releases might later bring, and yet there hasn’t […]

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“What is MDM?” – Video Overviews

Today we are going to look at a widely used acronym in business intelligence called MDM, or Master Data Management. Sure you have heard it before, but it is often tossed in with a series of other acronyms without much context. So what is MDM in a practical context?

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Oracle’s Perspective on Exalytics vs. SAP Hana

There will naturally be judgments and comparisons made between Oracle’s Exalytics and SAP Hana. This blog is going to present Oracle’s claimed advantages of their Exalytics solution.  Keep in mind that the points put forth here are purely from Oracle’s perspective,   I will then be producing a follow-up blog that tries to take a more […]

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And now, it’s “In-Memory” with Oracle Exalytics

The Information Management world is abuzz with talk of Oracle’s TimesTen-based “engineered system” – Exalytics! It is a high-performance, in-memory appliance that delivers fast, actionable interactive and insightful analytics by integrating optimized hardware and software components to deliver a complete analytical solution – combining modeling, planning and reporting all on a single box! So, what […]

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Financial Services Sees Big Value In Big Data: Top 10 Trends

SunGard has identified ten primary trends that have been shaping the financial services industry’s use of big data in 2012. These trends cover wide-ranging drivers such as predictive analytics, compliance, mobile and globalization. To accompany the list, Neil Palmer and Michael Versace (global research director at IDC Financial Insights) discuss these trends in more detail via webcast. Below is SunGard’s […]

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Rational BI Implementation

As the number of organizations understanding the value of business intelligence grows, the need to adopt a BI strategy and a governance of BI tools and methods grows along with it. In a recent blog, I referenced the tremendous impact of mobile devices, and the tablet in particular, on the BI space.  Having immediate access […]

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Perspectives on BI Mobility

iPads (and other tablets) have become ubiquitous in our world today.  Executives and other leaders can be seen carrying them to meetings, using them in their offices, displaying nifty data revelations to crtitical customers, or then, trying to keep tabs on key company performance metrics on a fancy vacation!  The iPad started out as a nice […]

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EzAPI for SSIS 2012

EzAPI is a set of tools for programmatically manipulating your SSIS packages.  This makes creating those dynamic, metadata driven packages a walk in the park. Or maybe the foothills.  Check it out on Matt Masson’s blog here.  Now for 2012!

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Successful Strategic Planning for Big Data

Prior to Perficient, I had previously worked at HP/Knightsbridge Consulting and had worked on creating the Knightsbridge/HP BI/MDM methodology. One of my many colleagues on this really large endeavor then was Mike Mansur, who is now the Worldwide Competency Lead for HP’s Global Methods for EIS. Mike recently offered his views on the importance of […]

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