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Maximizing Road Safety with an AI Testing Strategy

AI Testing

Imagine a world where roads are safer than ever! This could be possible thanks to an AI Testing Strategy by Perficient, which stands out as a trendsetter in innovation, driving solutions that revolutionize traffic management and road safety enforcement. Do you dare to step into this journey towards a safer and more efficient future? 

Join us as we explore the power of artificial intelligence to transform our roads and save lives! 

In advancing technology for safer roads, this AI Testing Strategy highlights innovative solutions aimed at enhancing traffic management and safety enforcement. Central to this initiative, there are two systems, one that handles the intrusion of lane enforcement and one that detects vehicle movement when the school bus stop arm is deployed. While both operate on artificial intelligence (AI) principles, the Lane Enforcement system specifically employs custom computer vision models to achieve its objectives. 

Lane Enforcement System 

Picture this: bustling city streets with designated lanes for public bus services. Unfortunately, these lanes often fall victim to unauthorized vehicles, disrupting traffic flow and posing safety hazards. Enter the Lane Enforcement system, designed to identify and rectify such infringements in real time. This is accomplished through a meticulous analysis of each frame captured by live cameras. 


The implementation of the Lane Enforcement system is not without its challenges: 

  • Nondeterministic Outputs: Variability in system outputs requires the establishment of thresholds for decision-making. 
  • Data Collection: Accurate ground truth data is essential to minimize false positives, necessitating manual labeling. 
  • System Integration: Coordinating the operation of multiple models within the broader system framework. 
  • Testing and Evaluation: Rigorous testing procedures are essential to validate system performance and effectiveness. 

AI Testing Strategy 

By integrating AI into the Testing Strategy to address these challenges, we streamline testing processes, facilitate continuous integration, and improve test coverage, while maintaining high levels of quality and improving public safety: 

  • MLOPS Integration: Leveraging Azure Machine Learning, a CI/CD pipeline facilitates continuous monitoring and evaluation of model performance metrics. 
  • Comprehensive Dataset Definition: Real-world scenarios, including corner cases, are incorporated into the dataset to enhance testing coverage. 
  • Integration Testing: Simulators are utilized to evaluate model inferences and their impact on system performance. 
  • Automation of Metrics Gathering: Automated evaluation of system metrics ensures rapid feedback and detection of anomalies. 
  • Test Coverage Enhancement: From unit tests to comprehensive component and end-to-end tests, the testing coverage is substantially increased. 


This AI Testing Strategy by Perficient stands as a leading light of innovation in road safety enforcement, harnessing the power of AI-based solutions to mitigate traffic violations and improve public safety. Through a strong QA strategy testing and continuous refinement, this initiative exemplifies the fusion of technology and innovation for a safer and more efficient urban environment. 

In collaboration with Perficient, a leading digital consultancy recognized for its expertise in AI and data-driven solutions, this strategy has been able to push the boundaries of what is possible in traffic management and safety enforcement. Perficient’s dedication to excellence and cutting-edge technology has played a key role in this project’s success. 

As we continue to embrace advances in AI and machine learning, strategies like this, supported by industry leaders like Perficient, pave the way for a brighter and safer future on our roads. Together, we are shaping a world where technology not only improves efficiency but also saves lives. 

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Mariana Betancur Florez

Mariana Betancur Florez is a quality assurance engineer at Perficient and has experience designing testing strategies for machine learning-based systems. Her main goal is to expand knowledge among Perficient and external people about Artificial intelligence-related topics that could improve their current technical experience. Mariana is based in Colombia.

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