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Understanding Disability Types for Effective UI Design: 3 Key Factors for Empathetic Problem-Solving

The Assumptions We Make About Disability What comes to mind when you’re thinking about what it means for a person to be disabled? Are they deaf? Is their mobility compromised in some way? What about their vision? It’s important to remember that senses and abilities like these aren’t only reserved for those with permanent disabilities. […]

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Adobe MAX 2018: Los Angeles or Bust

This year I had the amazing opportunity to return to California for this year’s Adobe MAX in LA. This event is known as “The Creativity Conference” and is open to all disciplines in the industry. Between the several hundred educational sessions, Adobe suite updates, and lineup of inspirational speakers, it’s easily one of my favorite […]

Consider Sketchnotes for More Effective Note Taking

Late last year, I found myself in San Diego sitting with a few colleagues in a massive event space. We were about to witness the first keynote of a creative conference called Adobe MAX. Define “massive”? Okay, I’m fairly confident the majority of the attendees were present for this particular talk in the conference schedule, […]