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Renee Girard

Renee Girard is a Senior Organic Search Strategist and SEO Lead with nearly 8 years of agency experience at Perficient Digital out of the Milwaukee office. She leads SEO strategy for SMB to Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 enterprise clients and speaks at local universities and nationwide digital marketing events.

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FAQ Schema Markup – Results May Vary

At the May 2019 Google I/O event, Google Search and Google Assistant officially announced support and a new Google Search Console enhancement report for FAQ structured data. The FAQ markup is meant for Frequently Asked Question pages that contain all questions and answers on a single page. Adding it can create a FAQ rich […]

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Lessons from The Executive SEO Playbook – Part II

If you just finished part I of this blog post series and are ready for more, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for part II of my lessons learned from the second half of The Executive SEO Playbook: How to Integrate SEO Company-Wide for Increased Profitability, by Jessica Bowman. The Power of Buy-In […]

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TechSEO Boost 2018 Conference: Recap and Commentary

Last week, I headed out to Boston to attend the second-ever TechSEO Boost, the only conference 100% dedicated to my favorite topic ever: technical SEO. This year’s theme focused on advanced and bleeding-edge topics including information retrieval and machine learning to service workers and computer programming basics. You can watch the full live stream and […]

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Intro to SEO Operations: Lessons from The Executive SEO Playbook

I have a confession to make. I’ve been trying to force SEO operations and cross-channel integration across Perficient Digital and other agencies for nearly seven years. The truth is that I have failed (more than I care to admit). In all this time, I’ve put in so much effort to help others* understand what SEO […]

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Bypassing the Backlog: Google Tag Manager & DTM for SEO

If you’ve ever worked with an SEO or received an SEO audit, then you’ve probably heard about HTML tags like canonicals, noindex, and structured data markup. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle all these complex tags to fix duplicate content and earn rich results, not to mention the challenge of scaling them across […]

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Questions & Answers on Google Questions & Answers

Since it launched late last year, I’ve been curious about Google Questions & Answers and the potential impact on local SEO and reputation management. With incentives for Local Guides to answer crowdsourced questions appearing on local listings and no Google My Business dashboard integration to manage them at this time, it’s no surprise many brands ignore […]

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Pubcon South Florida 2018 SEO Track Recap

I had the privilege to speak on Forensic SEO Audits with Alan Bleiweiss at Pubcon Florida in April. Besides Alan’s and my session, there were three other outstanding SEO presentations that I was fortunate enough to attend. Check out the key takeaways and recaps on SEO Auditing, Google’s Mobile-First Indexing, Local SEO, and Entity Optimization […]

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The Value of Being Seen: A Search Visibility Matrix Tutorial

Learn how easy it is to create your own Search Visibility Matrix and automatically calculate your scores with this free Google Sheets template. Apply the calculation sitewide, or segment it for a specific keyword, or in aggregate for a set of keywords or keyword phrases. Search visibility scores can be used for both internal comparisons and competitive analysis. What It […]

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Introduction to Forensic SEO Investigations

Regardless of how complex or large a website may be, developing and committing to an action plan for full-scale SEO audits is no small task. With hundreds of checklist items to investigate, it’s easy for anyone to get stuck in a cycle of analysis paralysis and get overwhelmed with information overload. Through my experience, I’ve […]

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Managing Technical SEO Debt

The majority of dev projects fail to meet timelines and budget. As an SEO who’s been part of countless platform migrations and website redesigns, I can recall very few that launched both on time and within the allocated budget. When projects almost inevitably fail, it becomes easy to take shortcuts instead of investing the necessary […]

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Google’s Intrusive Interstitial Update – All Bark and No Bite?!

Last August, Google announced that, starting January 2017, they would not rank mobile pages as high if the content was visually obscured by an intrusive interstitial or popup. The main reasons Google decided they would start demoting mobile pages with annoying interstitials is because it’s a bad user experience for smaller screens and frustrates users […]

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Keep Calm and Learn about Google Mobile-First Indexing

Conferences are the perfect opportunities for Googler Gary Illyes to make big announcements, and this year’s Pubcon did just that. During his keynote, which I was fortunate enough to attend in Las Vegas this October, Gary announced that for the first time, Google’s index would switch from desktop to mobile, a change we touched on […]

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2014 SEO predictions: Prepare for the evolution of PAND-GUIN-BIRD

2013 proved to be the year of where keyword data died, the knowledge graph exploded, and link building became a bad word. With major algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda rolling out constantly and brand new algorithms like Hummingbird in full force, digital marketing has truly changed forever. Here’s a look into what you can […]

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Three Steps To Claim Your Google Authorship, Today

By now, you’ve probably started seeing people’s faces show up in Google’s search engine result pages and understand that these rich snippets are a product of Google Authorship. Though there are many different ways to claim your Authorship, we’ve found that the three methods detailed below are the fastest and most effective.

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Google Hummingbird: 3 Strategies For Semantic Search

Just when we starting to feel confident about the future of search, Google turns up the heat with Hummingbird, a brand new search algorithm affecting about 90% of all search queries, which once again, changes the way data is presented. Now, before I get into the key takeaways on how to improve your chances of […]

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Google Shopping Policy Transitions

  With all the recent Google Shopping buzz circulating the web, you may have heard the terms paid inclusion or pay-to-play and wondered, ‘what does this mean for e-commerce?’ In this blog post, I’ll explain the basics of the Google Shopping policy transitions and what it means for shoppers and search marketers.

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3 Steps to Avoid the Wrath of Google Penguin

With Google’s introduction of its spam-fighting algorithm, Google Penguin, many websites have suffered from both short and long-term positional drops in search result pages and hence traffic. As Rand Fishkin states on his edition of Whiteboard+, Google Penguin is focused on punishing devalued links from manipulative link profiles, rather than trying to improve the quality of […]

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