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Marlana Voerster

Marlana Voerster is a Senior Healthcare Strategist at Perficient, where she works with providers and MedTech, pharma, and digital health organizations to build brand loyalty and enhance the patient experience through customer-centric digital experiences.

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Nurse Speaking To A Mother And Child

How Medical Device Companies Build Loyalty Among Nurses

For medical device companies, building loyalty among nurses is a key element in driving growth. In this post, we’ll look at four loyalty builders for the nursing population. These loyalty builders are designed to engage and drive relationships among this critical stakeholder group. Nursing is the most trusted profession in the U.S. In fact, 78% […]

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Digital Product Catalog: The Medical Device Marketer’s Guide

Imagine this: You are a marketer at a medical device organization. Your products are cutting-edge, innovative, and best-in-class. It’s every marketer’s dream. But here is the big question: Is the experience your digital product catalog delivers as innovative as your products?   Often, the answer is “No,” and that’s not surprising. Many of us remember the […]

Shadow Of Scary Paranormal Ghost Horror Woman In Soft Focus. Blurry Hand And Body Figure Abstraction

What Super Bowl LVIII Taught Us About Reaching Invisible Healthcare Audiences

Like many of you, I sat down recently to take in the 58th Super Bowl. Having no teams in the game, I was largely there for the commercials — and, sure, for the Taylor Swift sightings. And, to those ends, I was pretty satisfied. I absolutely loved CeraVe’s Michael Cera commercial. And Ben, Matt, Tom, […]

Rock Climbing On A Mountain Ridge

Overcoming Healthcare’s Mountain of Mistrust – Part 3: Medical Device Organizations

Overcoming Healthcare’s Mountain of Mistrust, our series on building trust among healthcare consumers, has reached its conclusion as we turn our focus on medical device companies.  The analytics and opinion-polling firm Gallup has found a decline in Americans’ trust in many institutions and industries, and the healthcare and life sciences spaces are no different. Building […]

Resolutions for Medical Device Marketers 2024

New Years Resolutions Medical Device Marketers Should Make in 2024 

A few weeks back, I wrote about key trends that would impact the medical device world in 2024. This time around, I’m going to be counting down some 2024 resolutions for medical device marketers. In most organizations, nobody is closer to consumer audiences as the marketing team, and that is no different in the med […]

Fortune Teller With Crystal Ball

Medical Device Industry Trends for 2024

The medical device industry is in a constant state of evolution. We are seeing more sophisticated consumer expectations, advancements in technology, regulatory changes, and changing healthcare needs – just to name a few. As we gaze into our crystal ball, five key trends have bubbled up. Let’s look at what is poised to impact the […]

Young marketer working on her computer. She is with her dog

The Marketer’s Checklist for Creating AI Experiences in Medical Device Marketing

If there is one thing marketers across the world have in common right now, it’s using artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their digital experience. With the emergence of tools such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, to name just a few, AI is becoming more commonplace by the day. And it’s giving marketers endless inspiration […]

Kayla Brown and Marlana Voerster at HCIC 2023

Top 10 Insights from HCIC 2023 for Healthcare Marketing Leaders

I recently had the pleasure of attending HCIC – The Healthcare Internet Conference with Perficient’s Senior Healthcare Strategist, Kayla Brown. Kayla and I were both invited to speak at the conference, and, while we were there, we took full advantage of the great learning opportunities that always arise with the industry comes together. Kayla spoke […]

A key unlocking the digital front door of a medical device organization

Why Content Is the Key to Opening Healthcare’s Digital Front Door – Part 3: Medical Devices

This is the third and final part of our series in which we’re discussing healthcare’s digital front door — the technologies and strategies you use to engage with consumers throughout their journeys. By now, you are getting the idea that a cohesive content strategy is key for consumers to open your digital front door and […]

Healthcare provider discusses a patient's test results

Your Playbook for Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence for Medical Devices

A recent study revealed that 75% of patients in the U.S. don’t trust artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to their healthcare. But for medical device manufacturers, the promise of AI is vast, and a growing number of devices are leveraging machine learning to glean deeper insights and improve patient outcomes. In fact, […]

Two people are reviewing medical device marketing content on a computer screen

Medical Device Marketing: How You Can Watch Your Language and Drive Greater Engagement

Inspired by my colleague Michael Adkins’ recent post on word choice in healthcare marketing, I thought I’d explore how word choice, language, and tone can help shift prospect medical device buyers into long-term loyal customers. For device makers and marketers, this can be a tough ask, as you’re often dealing with several disparate audiences, from […]

A picture book with a mountain

Healthcare Storytelling Part 1: How your organization can supercharge its origin story

Picture a young man in the 1940s heading west with his sights set on Hollywood. He arrives to little fanfare and struggles to find the fame and fortune he seeks. With a baby on the way, bills to pay, and slim prospects for breaking into the entertainment industry, he turns to St. Jude Thaddeus, the […]

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