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IBM Think: The AI Powered Marketing Landscape

Gerry Murray, Research Director at IDC, presented on the AI Powered Marketing Landscape in the cloud. He presented a “lay of the land” of AI-powered marketing providers in their first-ever MarketScape on Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Marketing Clouds. Gerry focuses on the Marketing Technology Research practice.  He takes a use case approach which is great because […]

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IBM Think: How Watson Works Inside the Platforms You Use Today

Embedding Watson in a software platform gives you a chance to create a “great marriage.” Four companies are doing this well: DXC and Customer Care SAP Ariba for Procurement LivePerson with RBS for Customer Care Salesforce and Watson with Orange Bank for Customer Care DXC and Customer Care DXC isa combination of CSC and HP […]

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IBM Think: Journey To AI Part 2

Watson and Cloud David Kenny, SVP of IBM in Watson and Cloud Three things to think about: Reimagine your workflows Enterprise version of AI needs to deal with security, transparency, etc. IBM works with Salesforce, Workday, and Box. Want to make it easier for every developer. That why we extend Watson Services with Apple CoreML […]

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IBM Think: Journey to AI

This keynote looked at AI’s progress in cultivating new knowledge in the enterprise and in transforming critical industries like healthcare, telecommunications and financial services. IBM’s Dr. John Kelly and David Kenny and special guests examined the underlying complexities of developing new AI technologies and how forward-thinking leaders are using AI to reimagine workflows within their […]

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IBM Think: Interviews with Ginni Rometty

At IBM Think 2018, Ginni Rometty interviewed three different CEOs about what they are doing in this inflection point. They are: CEO and Chairman of Verizon President of the IBM – Maersk joint venture CEO Royal Bank of Canada Verizon: Lowell McAdam, Chairman and CEO of Verizon Question: Talk about this industry. Every day someone […]

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IBM Think: Opening Keynote with Ginni Rometty

In her opening IBM Think 2018 keynote, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty started by thanking the band and all the 30,000+ attendees. This is a moment that happens about every 25 years when business and technology change at the same time. It has the potential to change everything. In the past 60 years, change occurred that […]

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Digital Transformation Is Advancing

Information Week has an article on how Digital Transformation is Advancing.  The article notes the always ongoing effort to digitize everything.  Info Week stresses “digitzing the core” which is to say, make every process and system digital.  I like the statistics they put up from a study of 1,000 senior IT and business leaders. At […]

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IBM Think: AI For Good, Global Challenges and Visual Recognition

At IBM Think 2018, Shantenu Agarwal, Lead Offering Manager for Visual Recognition and Donna Dillenburger, IBM Fellow, spoke on using AI for Good, Addressing Global Challenges with Visual Recognition. They highlighted a variety of ways in which IBM teams use visual recognition to combat issues around sustainability and fraud. AI and Social Good Statistic: 1.2 […]

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IBM Think: The Future of Connected Cars

Kalman Gyimesi, IBM Automotive Marketing Leader, presented on the future of connected cars. He spoke about its future and how cars need to become indispensable as they understand and anticipate drivers dependencies. Note: IBM will have some big automotive announcement in this area tomorrow. Today’s Discussion Automakers are overwhelming consumers with technology. Data and software […]

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IBM Think: The Future of Watson Conversation

IBM Think 2018 speakers Brian Loveys and Vivian Lee outlined the upcoming roadmap for Watson Conversation. It’s all part of the Watson Conversation Service, which you can embed in a wide range of sites and apps. Highlights from the session:  Today Have had Watson Conversation and Watson Virtual agent. They are being merged into one […]

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IBM Think: Watson Analytics, Know Your Customer

At IBM Think (#think2018), David McBride, director of Product Management, Watson Customer Experience Analytics at IBM, and Sharon Nei, senior product manager at IBM Customer Experience Analytics, spoke in the session, “Watson Customer Experience Analytics: Know Your Customers Better Than They Know Themselves.” The program and offering managers gave insight into what’s coming with Watson Customer Experience […]

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6 Predictions on How AI Will Advance in 2018

Among many trends, AI’s continuing rollout and use in the enterprise ranks near the top. I recently read an article in CMO.com on their Six Artificial Intelligence Predictions.  I wanted to highlight what they said and react to it myself based on what we are seeing in the market.  It’s worth it to read what […]

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What Does AI Have to Do with Strategy?

As you would expect at a consulting firm, we get a lot of questions on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Of course, Perficient provides a wide range of services around these types of capabilities. All too often, companies seem to appoint someone to a position with AI in the title and call it good. That […]

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Social Media Options

Thanks to Kara Whitlow for pointing me to this article. When you look at digital transformation, the custom facing side means you have to meet customers where they are and that means a variety of social media channels have to be included. It doesn’t matter if you are in the B2C or B2B world, social […]

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AHIP Digital Conference: AI in Healthcare 2018 Trends

Here at the American Health Insurers Digital Experience Conference (AHIP), Jeff Cribs of Gartner and Ang Sun of Cambia Solutions gave an interesting presentation on AI trends to Watch in 2018. Example: the imageNet large scale challenge. Over the last 7 years it’s improved. in 2010, there was a 30% error rate. Today, Microsoft and […]

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The Value of a Personalized Experience

Google likes to put interesting statistics.  While you can’t plan your business around this stat, you can see where the market’s going and what you need to do in your own digital channels. Reminder It’s one thing to say the personalization makes a difference but what does it really take?  Here are some thoughts that […]

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AI vs Doctors, How the Fight is Shaping Up

OK, it’s not really versus because in many cases, AI will enhance the work doctors and surgeons are doing. But that said, we should monitor just how good AI is getting in the healthcare world.   Given the complexity of these scenarios, you can see how this would extend to other industries.  All that said, ieee.org […]

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Digital Change 2007 to Now: Governance and Other Ugly Words

So yes, Governance, Organization, Making it work, etc; they are all ugly words. At least they are enough to put you to sleep just thinking about them.  With the increase in complexity, comes an increase in the organization necessary to support it.  Let’s look at a typical organization supporting a site in 2007.  I say […]

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Sitecore Symposium 2017: Sitecore Experience Cloud Video

The video below highlights the resulting experience from using the Sitecore Experience Cloud rather than all the features, but it’s a good way to think about it. For all you geeks in the crowd, pay attention to the link URL and look at the SC_camp id. Sitecore is following their own best practices on this […]

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Sitecore Symposium 2017: Cognitive Services, Deeper Intelligence

Microsoft Cognitive Services provides a wide range of cool tools. They are all available via API. Sitecore continues to evolve. It’s no longer just a content management system. It’s evolving into a content learning system. The Sitecore Symposium 2017 presenter took an image and uploaded it and had it analyzed. It understood that it was […]

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