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Jisha Joseph

Jisha Joseph works as a Scrum Master with Perficient . She is a certified project management professional. She will be writing about Evolving Industry trends . In her free time, Jisha likes to travel and read .

Blogs from this Author

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Project Manager -Endangered/Evolved Role in the organization?

Agile doesn’t have to mean end of Project management. It does mean Project managers have to adapt. Traditionally project management has taken a linear approach and Projects had a clear definition of ‘done’. Project managers have been trained to work within the pre-defined deadlines, budgets and scope. Few steps that can be taken by Project […]

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Why to be Agile?

Agile always offers a lightweight framework which helps development team in dealing with constantly functional and technical landscape. It focuses on continuous delivery. It reduces the overall risk associated with software development. Agile allows teams to work directly with clients instead of working with other teams. This provides a clear outcome with focused goal in […]

3d Sound Waves With Colored Dots. Big Data Abstract Visualization.

Journey through the mysteries and technology behind the Voice

I was attending a meeting as part of my daily office routine. One of my colleague’s voice was sounding very much like my colleague from previous organization. Only the voice was familiar, name was no way linking to the region where he belonged to and virtual meetings with no faces attached to it …it just […]