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Why to be Agile?

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Agile always offers a lightweight framework which helps development team in dealing with constantly functional and technical landscape. It focuses on continuous delivery. It reduces the overall risk associated with software development.

Agile allows teams to work directly with clients instead of working with other teams. This provides a clear outcome with focused goal in an incremental way. Agile enables teams to deliver the product faster with enhanced quality, predictability, and flexibility to respond to change. With Agile best practices incorporated across the enterprise, they will deliver quality products to the clients on time to make them happy. Happy customers are the main reason for the popularity of Agile. In the Agile process, customers are involved in the whole process so that they can get updates on their product and make sure that they are meeting their requirements.

Agile is always mistaken as a single methodology. But the truth is that Agile comprised of multiple Agile methodologies like Scrum,Kanban,eXtreme Programming(XP),Dynamic Systems Development Method(DSDM),Feature Driven Development(FDD),Adaptive Software Development(ASD),Lean Software Development(LSD) and Crystal. Most Popular Agile practices used are Scrum and Xtreme Programming.

Another crucial factor in Agile’s productivity is INVEST.

I- Independent
N- Negotiable
V- Valuable
E- Estimable
S- Small Stories
T- Testable

Agile is team or employee friendly because Agile teams are self-organizing, and they create their own path than following set of rules. They are clear about their goals and work on them. Another key attraction is transparency. Every team member can know about progress of project at any stage. This increases team morale. Cross functional nature allows team to learn skills and rise in their career. Predictability and incremental delivery decrease the risk.

Agile is very much relevant in the present economy globalization and free marketing. This reduces the technology gap as the ‘time to market’ has been reduced significantly with adoption of Agile. Current frequently changing digital era truly works well in Agile Framework.

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