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Journey through the mysteries and technology behind the Voice

3d Sound Waves With Colored Dots. Big Data Abstract Visualization.

I was attending a meeting as part of my daily office routine. One of my colleague’s voice was sounding very much like my colleague from previous organization. Only the voice was familiar, name was no way linking to the region where he belonged to and virtual meetings with no faces attached to it …it just got added to my baggage of mysteries. I just ignored it as a mere coincidence, but my curious mind was not ready to sleep. I googled to find what can be a technological possibility for this. It opened a new world of voice technology advancement.

I started to burst each bubble of mysteries slowly.

First Bubble – There exists a technology that can model a voice and produce sounds, words, and lingo that a person uses. Aha, so that is a possibility now. My colleague’s voice would have been modelled to make me adapt to the new work environment easily! Same can be re-engineered for giving flawless presentations online, where we may tend to lose out energy and enthusiasm. I was not the first one to think about it. That is already in practice.

Second Bubble– Whenever we call any customer care service, we get to hear a dialogue that your call may be recorded. I always wondered why they were doing that. That was the next bubble that got busted. It was a proactive effort from the marketing team to understand each customer’s happiness quotient and create personalized offerings and interactions to keep them ahead of competitors. Creating a personalized voice that customers and prospects will be interested in is another opportunity that voice technology offered to the marketeers. When customer is consistently and strategically exposed to this personalized voice marketing, they become the brand ambassadors of their brand.

I believe   the same strategy can be implemented for employee retention as well. Using personalized voice that an employee is comfortable with i.e., the voice of a friend coming in place of a manger’s sound will be more soothing and calming to get more productivity out of an employee. Emotional outbursts can be avoided with this.

Smart work here !!

Third Bubble – Voice modelling can help people with speech impairments to better communicate with others. Devices like Alexa, Siri etc. are a boon to immobile and blind people to get the things done just by using their voice. It can save lot of time of our recruiters. Initial screening can be done through a voice assistant and answers can be recorded for a later review than doing individual calls. Technology for good!

There are more bubbles to be busted and technology is evolving rapidly…Let’s keep our ears and minds open to explore through the sound waves that hit our ears everyday….

Thoughts on “Journey through the mysteries and technology behind the Voice”

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