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Chris Kulish

Chris has 10 years of expertise as a consultant and technical architect within the manufacturing space. He brings a manufacturing-focused point of view to his many Salesforce accolades - he's 10x Salesforce certified and a Manufacturing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform Accredited Professional.

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Silhouette Of Virtual Human And Programming Technology

Google Gemini AI Integrates Seamlessly with Salesforce for Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Last week, Google announced Gemini, its groundbreaking multimodal AI model designed to push the boundaries of performance and versatility in AI technology. This means it can generalize and understand; operate across platforms; and is trained across different types of information, including text, code, audio, image, and video. It’s also the most flexible AI model yet […]

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Dreamforce ’22: Blazing Trails in the Manufacturing and Automotive Industries

Last week, our team attended Salesforce’s largest conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco. For many attendees, it was the first time in three years that they were able to gather in-person with peers and clients. During the three-day conference, 40,000 Salesforce partners, clients, and vendors got together to hear from Salesforce leadership, industry experts, and a handful of […]

Sitecore, Marketing Cloud & 6 Tips for Better CX

As we discussed in Part 1 of this post, today’s customers are no longer just seeking products. They want relationships with brands, built on trust and two-way communication. And for most companies, that means it’s vital to turn every touchpoint along the customer journey into an exceptional one. But where do you start? Here are the […]

Sitecore + Marketing Cloud Integration = Better CX

First Things First: Redefining CX What do we mean exactly when we talk about customer experience (CX)? Think of CX as every interaction that a customer has with your business. That may include: Face-to-face Website visits Customer communities Online chat with a customer service representative Mobile apps Display ads Social media And more There’s a […]

Coveo for Salesforce Customer Agents

How Marketing Cloud + Sitecore XP Could Transform Customer Experiences

What if your website knew whether your visitors had opened the last email offer you sent them? What if you could trigger an email offer to customers featuring the top products they viewed on your website? What if you could see the important interactions that customers had taken on your website, right alongside their sales […]

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5 Reasons You Need the Sitecore Experience Database

Want to fuel analytics and insights? Drive smarter business decisions? And leverage information for marketing automation? The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is an add-on to the Sitecore CMS that allows you to capture data from your site visitors – and do all of the above. 5 Key Capabilities of xDB Some of its core capabilities include: […]

Intro 101: What Is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a client-side framework developers can use to build web applications. Because it’s client-side, it runs in the web browser, not on the server, and is written in JavaScript. You can write entire web applications with it or smaller, reusable components that can be added to pages. AngularJS is a framework that is part of […]