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Intro 101: What Is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a client-side framework developers can use to build web applications. Because it’s client-side, it runs in the web browser, not on the server, and is written in JavaScript. You can write entire web applications with it or smaller, reusable components that can be added to pages.

AngularJS is a framework that is part of a growing trend of running more of the application in the web browser instead of on the server. Why is it so popular?

  1. Real-Time Effect: Moving more of the application to the browser gives it more of a real-time feel than traditional applications that require sending data to the server and waiting for a response.
  2. Improved User Experience: This also helps create a better user experience by speeding up the response time of the application, as well as being able to give instant feedback to the user when guiding them through filling out forms.

Running more of the application in the web browser does have some tradeoffs. The amount of code written for the client side increases, which requires some additional organizational planning when it comes to projects. AngularJS helps define this by organizing the code into modules, controllers, services and directives. You still need some server-side code that will save data to another service or database. These interactions are done asynchronously, which requires some additional planning to ensure code executes in the right order.

In a nutshell, AngularJS is a powerful framework for building client-side applications. Its features help developers build robust web applications with more speed, more reliability and – best of all – more engaging user experiences.

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