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Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: The Salesforce Einstein Chatbot

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Welcome to the Series of Salesforce Einstein Chatbots!  Part 2

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer service and engagement, Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is the revolutionary AI-powered tool that is the future of personalized customer interactions. Salesforce chatbot not only understands customer inquiries but also anticipates their needs, adapts to their preferences, and delivers seamless, human-like conversations.

If you are unaware of What Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is and how to enable it in your org, you can go with this link.

In this blog, we’ll learn about how to create an Einstein chatbot in your Salesforce org in very simple steps.

Creating Salesforce Einstein Chatbot:

To work with the chatbot, you need to enable it in your org. This we’ve already learned in the previous blog. After enabling, you are good to go with chatbots.

For that, follow the below steps.

  1. In Setup, go to the Quick Find Box and enter “Einstein bot”.
  2. Select “Einstein Bots”. (Ensure Einstein Bots is enabled.)
  3. Scroll down and you’ll see a button.
  4. As shown below click on the “Create a New Bot” button. (If it is your first bot in org.)


Instead of this, you can directly come to this page from the home page and click on this button respectively.

After clicking on the “Create a New Bot” button, you’ll be on the journey of creating the amazing Salesforce Einstein Chatbot.

1. Select a type of Bot:

Choose whether your bots will be Standard or Enhanced Bots. Standard bots are the most basic types of bots. It has a basic level of configuration in it. Whereas Enhanced Bots provide more personalized and seamless conversational experiences and are more secure.

In this example, we are going with Enhanced Bots.


Click Next.

2. Choose bot type – Scratch or Intro Template:

Choose “Start from Scratch” because this is going to be the first bot in your org if you are new to this. If not, then it is also fine to start from scratch. If you select “Standard bot” in the previous step, then there would be two options such as a “scratch or intro template” respectively.


Click Next.

3. Personalize your bot:

Personalize your chatbot by giving it a name. Also, select a language from the dropdown in which your bot will be used to communicate.


Click Next.

4. Bot’s greeting to Customers:

Here, you are going to define a Welcome message for your customers. In the figure, it is an automatically generated message, but you can also write it according to your requirements.


Also, you can define the top actions for the ease of your customers. For example, a shopping website. There, users want to check their ‘Order Status’, ‘Report Problem or Case’, and ‘Find Product’. So, these can be top actions. You can also modify it to meet your particular requirements.


You can also skip adding actions here and add and customize them later from the dialog where each action is made. These dialogs are automatically added to the Main Menu on the Bot builder page respectively.

You will get to know about everything as you move further.

Click Next.

5. Route bot conversations with Omni-Channel Flow:

For now, leave it and press the “Next” button.


6. Final Step:

Click Proceed. With this, all the actions will automatically be checked.


Click Finish.

With all these few easy steps, you created a bot.

After clicking on the “Finish” button, you’ll be redirected to the “Einstein Bot Builder” page which is the ocean of customizations.




Now, it’s time to see what we’ve done.

  1. So, click “Activate” to make your bot – Tom active.
  2. Click “Preview”.

You’ll get the following result.



But this is the first step in the journey of building the Salesforce Einstein Chatbot.

We have to go miles and do as many as customizations we can.

In the next part of this blog, we’ll learn to customize the top actions in the main menu on the bot builder page.



In a world where 24/7 customer engagement is the key to success, the Salesforce Einstein Chatbot plays a very important role in it. It’s more than just a chatbot; it’s intelligent and adaptable and has the ability to transform customer interactions into meaningful as well as personalized experiences.


Stay Tuned!


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