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Securely Authenticating and Authorizing External Applications with Salesforce OAuth

Introduction: In today’s interconnected world, integrating external applications with Salesforce has become crucial for organizations to streamline business processes and enhance data management. To ensure secure access to Salesforce APIs, implementing proper authentication and authorization mechanisms is essential. In this blog, we will dive into the details of implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization for […]

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Understanding the Context API in React: Simplifying State Management

Introduction The Context API in React allows components to share data with each other, even if they are not directly related. It helps avoid the problem of passing data through many components by letting components access shared data directly. It helps in preventing the prop drilling problem. Consider the diagram to represent a chain of […]

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Exploring Salesforce REST Services: A Step-by-Step Guide with Postman

Introduction: In this blog, we will explore how to build a RESTful API using Salesforce Apex and demonstrate how to interact with it using Postman. We will walk through the code of a sample Salesforce Apex class called “restResources” and explain each method’s purpose. Additionally, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to test the […]

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Simplifying Salesforce Integration with Postman: A Comprehensive Guide

Integrating Salesforce, a robust CRM platform, with other systems can significantly improve business processes and streamline the flow of data. Postman, a popular tool, simplifies the integration process and empowers developers and administrators. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the seamless integration of Salesforce with Postman, leveraging its extensive features and capabilities to effectively […]

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What If the Patient Experience Started Way Before Your Doctor’s Visit?

In this episode, Jim and Kim talk with Tara Becker, principal of digital health strategy at Perficient, about how to meet both consumer and employee needs in the healthcare industry. It’s no secret that clinicians burned out post-pandemic. Are there ways that we can champion the industry toward a new digital future? Listen to this […]

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Let’s Strengthen Our Culture of Mentorship: Friends Of The Children Event

Sometimes, folks overlook Detroit as a cosmopolitan city. I am originally from Connecticut and spent a lot of time in New York City, Washington DC, and Boston, so I understand the sentiment.  However, I think Detroit can hold its own. I’ve never felt more Detroit pride than when I attended an amazing event for the […]

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How Does Coveo for Salesforce Integrate?

Coveo for Salesforce Integrates: Boosting Your Salesforce Experience As a business, you need a platform that can help you manage your customer data and interactions with ease. Salesforce is a popular CRM platform that helps businesses to manage customer relationships effectively. However, using Salesforce alone may not always be enough. That’s where Coveo comes in. […]

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Unboxing the Box-Sizing Property in CSS

Box-sizing property in CSS Box-sizing is a CSS property that helps us set the height and width of an element. Sometimes, when we set the height and width of an element, it doesn’t work as expected. In such situations, we can use the box-sizing property to adjust the element’s size. Box-model: The Box-model is a […]

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Simplify Your Salesforce Data Integration with DataRaptor in OmniStudio

OmniStudio is a powerful platform that enables businesses to create custom Industry Cloud applications by combining various services, components, and data model objects. One of the essential tools in OmniStudio is DataRaptor, which is used to Transfer and Transform Data between Salesforce and other tools in the platform. Introduction DataRaptor in OmniStudio is an advanced […]

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Boost Your Automation with Key Features on Omniscript

Omniscript is a powerful Automation Tool that enables businesses to easily automate their workflows. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to build custom workflows without requiring any programming knowledge. Omniscript offers a range of Pre-Built Templates and Connectors that can automate various tasks, such as data integration, transformation, and validation. This blog will introduce you […]

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What If Design Is the Difference Between a Product’s Life or Death? An Interview with Keith Wolf

Hey digital strategists, are you looking to learn more about how your design strategy can align better with? Look no further than this week’s episode of What If? So What? featuring Keith Wolf, director of digital strategy consulting at Perficient. Can thinking visually help improve the overall function of your product? Listen to find out! […]

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Understanding React Routing

Routing helps users to switch between views in a web application depending on an action or request. Users can switch between pages when they click a link, button, icon, image, or other component within the program. 1.  Installing the React-Router React uses an external library to manage routing however, before we can utilize that library. […]

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