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Adobe Summit 2024: Top 5 MOps Sessions We’re Excited About

Adobe Summit 2024

Whether you are attending in person or virtually, another exciting Adobe Summit is coming our way. As Adobe continues to expand its footprint across all of Marketing Technology, Garett Meznarich (Director of Digital Marketing) and I (Technical Architect, Marketing Automation Team) thought it would be helpful to give you a Marketing Operations perspective on what sessions we are excited about this year.

If you are sticking it out to the end, we’d love to see you at our two Thursday sessions:

    • Thursday, Mar 28 @ 10:30am – 11:30am PT 
    • Thursday, Mar 28 @ 9:00am – 10:00am PT 

Now, our top picks of Adobe Summit 2024 sessions for MOps people by MOps people:

1. From Data to Dollars: Driving Abandoned Cart Revenue with Marketo Engage [S213]

Sunbelt Rentals x Perficient

  • Why: Selfishly – because I’m speaking with our client, Sunbelt Rentals, at this session! But also because it will be a great session to learn how to translate business goals into actionable and profitable projects. For hands-on MOps professionals, this case study will include technical inspiration – such as connecting Adobe Commerce to Marketo Engage using a custom connector, custom object, velocity scripting for dynamic content personalization, nurture orchestration, and reporting.

2. Done in 60 Days: Driving B2B Personalization with Adobe Experience Platform [S920]

Qualcomm x Perficient

  • Why: Implementing integrations within a 60-day period is already impressive (way to go, Team Perficient!), but this session will discuss the especially impressive process of “bidirectional integration of Experience Platform Unified Profile, Marketo Engage, data collection, B2P Real-Time CDP, and Adobe Target to achieve personalized experiences” for another client of Perficient’s — Qualcomm.

3. Optimize RevOPs Using the Power of ChatGPT in Marketo Engage [S208]

Revenue Pulse x Telnyx LLC

  • Why: Tyron Pretorius, one of the presenters at this session, is well-known in the MOps industry for putting together technical, hands-on, and real-world training for marketing operations professionals. I got a sneak peek at this presentation during a recent Marketo User Group meeting, and I was impressed by the how-to examples. If you’re looking for fresh use cases for AI that are not strictly generative content or graphics, this looks like a great session for you.

4. Expand Your Reach with Marketo Engage Through Custom Object Magic [S210]

AppFolio x McGraw Hill

  • Why: Marketo Engage custom objects are very cool and can help you implement incredibly customized solutions, however they are an advanced Marketo Engage feature that can take some time to learn. If you’re still trying to wrap your mind around custom objects or what application they might have for your projects, this looks like a great presentation to attend to learn more.

5. Unified Customer Profiles: From Implementation to Insights and Engagement [L608]


  • Why: This exclusive hands-on lab offered live at Adobe Summit won’t be recorded. I will attend this session and look forward to learning “how to accelerate implementations of Adobe Real-Time CDP, Customer Journey Analytics, and Journey Optimizer through unified customer profiles.”

Hopefully, these recommendations will help give you some ideas to consider. If you’ll be attending in person, Garett and I would love to connect! You can find us in the Adobe Summit app (under ‘Networking’) or through the Perficient website here. Nothing makes us happier than nerding out about MOps, Marketing Automation, and data!

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April Deibert, Technical Architect

April Deibert is a Technical Architect with the Marketing Automation Team, a part of the Digital Marketing Solutions/Experience Design Practice at Perficient. She formulates strategy and architects technical solutions to deliver results with Marketo Engage, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), Salesforce, and many third-party integrations.

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