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Incorta and Google Cloud: Unleashing the Power of Data in BigQuery

Incorta and Google are partnering on several initiatives around cloud computing and analytics deployments,  aimed at helping companies move business application and enterprise resource planning data into the cloud. Companies want to move data to a data lake to perform analytics and gain insights from that data. However, this can be challenging for ERP, CRM, and customer sales data in complex operational applications. We know that Google BigQuery is the best data lake platform on the planet, but getting data out of complex ERP, CRM, and customer sales applications and into BigQuery requires a dedicated approach and an understanding of how these applications connect with each other. Data must be kept current and accurate over time so that knowledge workers can make informed business decisions based on data. Incorta can help companies with this data journey.

An Open data delivery platform

ERP data is complex and highly connected to business processes and other applications, so making use of this data within ERP, CRM, and customer sales applications requires specific capabilities. Incorta’s open data delivery platform is purpose-built for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and presenting business application data. It allows companies to get their data into BigQuery and use that information faster and more efficiently. Incorta’s approach complements how companies implement their systems so that it can support the cloud and hybrid environments that are in place.


The Google and Incorta Partnership

Combining the capabilities of Incorta and Google BigQuery means that companies can integrate data from systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle ERP, Oracle Cloud Applications, Salesforce, SAP, SAP HANA, ServiceNow, Act CRM, Bullhorn CRM, and others into Google BigQuery. Once the data is ingested into BigQuery companies have a serverless enterprise data lake that works across clouds and supports real-time analytics and machine learning. Incorta makes it easier to get complex data into BigQuery. As part of the Google and BigQuery partnership, Incorta has completed evaluation and enhancement activities to ensure that the Incorta solutions deliver Google Cloud Platform (GCP) best practices and maximum performance. Incorta and Google have also collaborated to refine existing documentation to enable customers to successfully work with the Incorta solutions.



Perficient’s Cloud Data Expertise

Perficient can help companies implement both Incorta and BigQuery. We can help you extract data from complex ERP, CRM, and customer sales applications using Incorta and we can help you integrate that data into a Google BigQuery enterprise data lake where the data can be used by knowledge workers to save cost, generate revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.

The world’s leading brands choose to partner with us because we are large enough to scale major cloud projects, yet nimble enough to provide focused expertise in specific areas of your business. Our cloud, data, and analytics team can assist with your entire data and analytics lifecycle, from data strategy to implementation. We will help you make sense of your data and show you how to use it to solve complex business problems. We’ll assess your current data and analytics issues and develop a strategy to guide you to your long-term goals.

Download the guide, Becoming a Data-Driven Organization with Google Cloud Platform, to learn more about Dr. Chuck’s GCP data strategy.

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