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Salesforce Unveils Zero Copy Data Cloud

Imagine a world where we can skip Extract and Load, just do our data Transformations connecting directly to sources no matter what data platform you use?

Salesforce has taken significant steps over the last 2 years with Data Cloud to streamline how you get data in and out of their platform and we’re excited to see other vendors follow their lead. They’ve gone to the next level today by announcing their more comprehensive Zero Copy Partner Network.

By using industry standards, like Apache Iceberg, as the base layer, it means it’s easy for ALL data ecosystems to interoperate with Salesforce. We can finally make progress in achieving the dream of every master data manager, a world where the golden record can be constructed from the actual source of truth directly, without needing to rely on copies.

This is also a massive step forward for our clients as they mature into real DataOps and continue beyond to full site reliability engineering operational patterns for their data estates. Fewer copies of data mean increased pipeline reliability, data trustability, and data velocity.

This new model is especially important for our clients when they choose a heterogeneous ecosystem combining tools from many partners (maybe using Adobe for DXP and marking automation, and Salesforce for sales and service) they struggle to build consistent predictive models that can power them all—their customers end up getting different personalization from different channels. When we can bring all the data together in the Lakehouse faster and simpler, it makes it possible to build one model that can be consumed by all platforms. This efficiency is critical to the practicality of adopting AI at scale.

Perficient is unique in our depth and history with Data + Intelligence, and our diversity of partners. Salesforce’s “better together” approach is aligned precisely with our normal way of working. If you use Snowflake, RedShift, Synapse, Databricks, or Big Query, we have the right experience to help you make better decisions faster with Salesforce Data Cloud.

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Eric Walk, Director

Eric Walk is the Director of Enterprise Data Strategy at Perficient. As Director of Enterprise Data Strategy, he focuses on the intersection of strategy, data and technology, and business outcomes that drive growth. Eric has spent his career in consulting, taking advantage of opportunities to expand and grow. He started in Enterprise Document Management and Business Automation working with clients to modernize platforms and take advantage of the data trapped in their warehouses of virtual paper. He jumped at the opportunity to lead some early exploration of Big Data technologies with hybrid cloud architectures (Hadoop + AWS) and eventually found himself leading a segment of that practice at Perficient. Eric has since transitioned to lead Perficient’s Data Strategy capability across geographies and practices. In this capacity he serves as an advisor to executives both clients and internally on topics related to data discovery, availability, and trust. He serves as the editor-in-chief of thought leadership aligned to the firm’s Data + Intelligence pillar. Eric graduated from Vanderbilt in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management and currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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