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An Interoperability Success Story: Modernizing Enterprise Data & Integrations in Healthcare

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A healthcare experience upgrade – that’s the quest of so many healthcare organizations. Consumers expect better healthcare experiences. Government has even mandated it. And, below the surface, data serves as important connective tissue powering seamless, connected experiences for patients, members, and their care ecosystems.

Interoperability helps unlock data’s greater potential — healthcare innovation, more meaningful care touchpoints, and so much more.

The mechanics that support truly visionary interoperability initiatives require more than “a flip of the FHIR switch” though. It takes strategic thinking, reliable data, and architecture that supports the safe, rapid, secure, scalable, and compliant sharing of that data.

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FHIR and API Know-How, Plus a Whole Lot More

Wanting to do more than simply meet the CMS interoperability mandate, our payer client seized the opportunity to build a scalable infrastructure that mobilizes data in ways that truly put the consumer first – giving all members secure access to their health information when they need it most and in a way they can best use it.

We grounded their solution in a pragmatic, holistic approach, evaluating when we could leverage the payer’s existing platforms as well as opportunities to modernize in ways that would benefit multiple organizational initiatives.

This approach encompassed three core tenants:

Interoperable Data = Modernization + Optimization + Democratization

Our integration and healthcare expertise equipped the payer to achieve faster time to market while leveraging its existing enterprise investments. We safeguarded a solution that meets all standards and rules when sharing protected health information (PHI). Additionally, our expertise in data governance ensured that data can be trusted and leveraged as a true strategic asset.

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Healthcare Interoperability Solutions

Three areas of Perficient expertise – integration, healthcare, and data governance – together forged a solution that equips this payer client, its partners, and its members for more personalized, meaningful care experiences and better health outcomes.

Have questions? We help the largest payers and providers in the U.S. navigate integration strategy, data architecture, platforms, implementations, and change management. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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