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Deliver Fully Integrated Experiences in Healthcare

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CMS interoperability rules generated quite the commotion in healthcare this past year.  But when you think about it, these mandates are pushing us closer toward the consumer-centric goals that healthcare organizations already aim to prioritize.

Interoperability Mandates Mirror Business Needs

Rules and Regulations. Regulations like the CMS Final Rule mandate that health care organizations make patient data available and shareable. The latest rule includes:

    • Patient record API
    • Provider directory API
    • Payer-to-payer transfer
    • Notification of discharge and other events
    • BlueButton
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General Trends. General trends in today’s mobile interconnected world drive many of the same outcomes:

  • IT modernization
  • Retiring of point-to-point solutions
  • Move to cloud, which requires rethinking of solutions and architecture
  • Sharing of data outside your four walls
Key Interoperability Standards. These standards are maturing and allow for easier sharing of patient data:

    • FHIR®
    • Smart IG/Oauth2
    • Open ID Connect
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Business Needs: 

  • Need for business agility and resilience
  • Healthcare consumerization
  • Mobile
  • Demand for better healthcare outcomes
  • Manage challenge of combined/colliding provider and payer functions

Integration and Interoperability: Boosting Consumer Experience and Innovation in Healthcare

To remain competitive and compliant, healthcare organizations are:

  • Ramping up real-time data exchanges across a growing web of communication points
  • Leveraging data models for batch, EDI, and HL7® sharing
  • Integrating with external AI models
  • Managing communications and care delivery across mobile and medical device applications

Through it all, patients and members expect to engage across multiple channels.

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Healthcare organizations’ ability to accelerate transformation is crucial so your organization can adapt and flourish in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing landscape. We recently published a video that explores this opportunity:

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A Data Integration Partner for Leading Healthcare Organizations

We help the largest payers and providers in the U.S. strategize, plan, and deploy transformative change with lasting impacts – providing high-quality and affordable care, engaging and empowering consumers on their healthcare journey, and positioning their organization for innovation, agility, and efficiency. Read about some of the successes our integration, interoperability, and data experts have helped organizations achieve:

Interoperability and Integration Are Driving Healthcare’s Future

We help leading healthcare organizations confidently navigate regulatory requirements and trends spurring these consumer-centered transformations. Learn more about our integration and interoperability capabilities, and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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