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When is Oracle’s iHelp Useful?

Previously, I outlined how iHelp can assist administration. This blog will highlight the useful cases of Oracle’s iHelp.

iHelp is useful for tasks of different complexity. You can use iHelp for short data entry-type tasks, like entering a new subject for a site in which you list out the steps and give field descriptions and highlights. Some medium-length tasks fall into this category as well.

For longer tasks, iHelp’s view links are really helpful, especially where the task may span multiple screens. If these longer tasks require decisions, branching can display content that’s relevant to what the user is doing. For example, there’s an iHelp article about creating activity and trip report templates, and it branches according to whether the user is creating a general activity template or a trip report one.

You can also use iHelp for well-placed tips and reminders that give general pointers for a screen, like tips on querying, or process reminders. And iHelp is useful for both new and more-experienced users. For new users, iHelp will guide them through their tasks until they learn how to perform them on their own. For experienced users, it provides a quick and easy way to refresh their memory on tasks that are rarely performed.

To learn more about iHelp and the assistance it can provide with Oracle’s Cloud Siebel CTMS, you can click here or fill out the form below.

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