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Perficient Mentioned in Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace

Gartner recently published their annual Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace report. The report explores emerging technologies gaining acceptance and consideration as Digital Workplace strategies within various industries such as:

  • Cloud Office
  • Microapps
  • Intranet as a Service

This year, Gartner mentioned Perficient as a Sample Vendor in the Intranet as a Service category.

But, what is Digital Workplace and how does a modern intranet play into a Digital Workplace strategy?

Digital Workplace is defined numerous ways. Our experts see digital workplace not as a single technology but as a concept that there is a virtual equivalent to the physical workplace. The virtual workplace needs to be planned and managed coherently because it is fundamental to employee productivity, engagement, and working health.

Modern intranets contribute to Digital Workplace strategies by providing a platform for sharing content and information. Effective intranets help organizations achieve optimized communication, collaboration, and productivity across business functions. Intranets, for example, can provide employees with a location to find company information, upload documents, collaborate on projects, and interact with the colleagues.

But many organizations struggle to provide an engaging intranet experience, while many traditional intranet projects fail to meet organizational objectives.

Perficient’s Approach to Modern Intranets

The main goal of most modern intranets is to cultivate communication, collaboration, and productivity with the end-user at the center of the experience. Intranets provide a platform for communication to all employees and allow employees to provide feedback, enabling two-way communication and fostering collaboration. Having an easy to use and navigate platform to locate information can save employees a time searching for documents they need.

Rise, our Intranet as a Service solution, allows our clients to deliver a modern intranet experience for SharePoint Online, out of the box. Rise is designed to work seamlessly with Office 365 to deliver common intranet functionality. This allows the intranet to be up and running quickly – helping engage end users immediately.

VITAS Healthcare leverages Rise and experiences 2000% increase in intranet traffic

When VITAS Healthcare approached us, their existing intranet portal was unreliable, inaccessible outside a firewall, provided disjointed information, lacked modern features and functionalities and offered a poor end user experience.

Through a series of on-site, full sessions with key stakeholder as well as content assessments and testing of new information architectures and prototypes, we built a new portal that is now a central hub for company news and information.

The new myVITAS Rise portal allows effortless collaboration and document access to all VITAS employees, regardless of location. It also provides access to directories, news, documents, programs, FAQs, and VITAS branded document templates. Since the launch of my VITAS, the company has seen major indications of adoption and increased productivity. Drew Landmeier, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for VITAS Healthcare shared his insights on myVITAS:

“Since launching myVITAS in 2018, we’ve experienced a huge success in our employee’s adoption and easier access to relevant, accurate and critical information to enhance their productivity. Additionally, it’s coalesced our 47 programs by allowing them to share news and updates from their locations companywide to feel more connected.”

– Drew Landmeier, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

See the full Perficient + VITAS Healthcare story here. To learn more about our mention in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, click here.

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