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Discoveries from Q&A with Enterprise Data using GenAI for Oracle Autonomous Database

Natural language AI has proliferated into many of today’s applications and platforms. One of the high in demand use cases is the ability to find quick answers to questions about what’s hidden within organizational data, such as operational, financial, or other enterprise type data. Therefore leveraging the latest advancements in the GenAI space together with […]

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Upcoming Oracle EPM Cloud Essbase Update

Oracle EPM cloud customers who utilize solutions which using non-hybrid Essbase versions will be upgraded to hybrid version soon. According to Oracle’s March release notes, this upgrade will occur in the next 2 months. It’s important to note that this upgrade does not force non-hybrid configured cubes to now become hybrid. It’s simply updating the […]

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Important Update for Oracle EPM Cloud

Oracle’s release notes for the March update includes a very important feature for Oracle EPM Cloud customers. The Daily Maintenance can now be configured to any minute within any hour (i.e. HH:MM format). Previously, the window could only be configured to start at the top of the hour. This allows customers to have more control […]

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Top 3 New Features for Oracle EDM

Oracle’s product development team for EDM (Enterprise Data Management) continues to provide highly valuable new features each quarter, and the release earlier this month is no different. With 30 enhancements on the list all providing immense benefits to customers, it’s a challenge to narrow it down to the top 3. However, after some debate by […]

End of Year Enhancements for Oracle Enterprise Data Management (2023)

Earlier this month Oracle released a long list of new features for EDM (Oracle Enterprise Data Management). The enhancements address several areas that great improve the tool for both administrators and business users. Follow below as we take a look at a few of the features which we believe are most beneficial.   Customized Navigation […]

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What’s so scary about AI for HR?

AI in Oracle CloudWorld, Performance Reviews and Oracle Grow Oracle CloudWorld and AI introduction for HCM At Oracle’s CloudWorld last month, the dominant theme was about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  With all of the new lingo, one can either feel overwhelmed or have better Rizz in meetings if know the latest buzz words such as Generative […]

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Simplify Your Workflow: Streamlining Business Processes with EPM Pipeline Scheduling

If you have worked with EPM Pipelines, you know how incredibly relevant it is for customers who do not have the resources for data integration automation. It has been a saving grace for streamlining tasks and data load processes within the EPM application itself. However, one important element that had been missing from it was […]

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Oracle’s Updates Cloud EPM Data Integration UI

If you’ve been following Oracle’s monthly updates for Cloud EPM, then you are aware that they had previously announced that the Data Management user interface was slowly being replaced with the newer Oracle Data Integration screen (found under the Data Exchange tile). The move does not mean the deprecation of functionality overall, but rather an […]

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Creating Controls on Process Execution using Pipelines Continue-Stop Options

You can create a series of stages in an EPM pipeline, where each stage contains one or more jobs that perform actions like data loads, rule executions, file operations etc. By organizing these jobs and stages in a single Pipeline, EPM customers can streamline their business processes into executable “workflows”.   But what if one […]

Mastering Data Integration: Unveiling EPM Pipeline’s Cutting-Edge Features

EPM Pipelines is quickly becoming a very useful addition to the arsenal of many of our Oracle customers. It is especially important for those users who do not have dedicated personnel or server-related resources to automate their daily business processes. In my recent blog, I detailed how to create a Pipeline to perform data load […]

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Stay Agile with EPM Pipeline: Unleash Dynamic Substitution Variables

Pipeline variables are a way to feed runtime parameters to your Pipeline jobs. They can be selected from a predefined set of out-of-box variables or custom-defined. You can define values for these variables that are then used during run time by individual jobs (Read more about creating Pipeline variables in my recent blog). In this […]

Where to Begin After a Marketo Audit

Top 3 Recent Enhancements for Oracle Enterprise Data Management

Oracle’s list of new features for EDM (Oracle Enterprise Data Management) in the September release are quite long. It seems they’ve really place focus on a few key areas to ensure an improved experience for the business user. Follow below as we take a look at three of the features which we believe are most […]

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