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Driving Innovation with Automation in the Cloud

The following is the third blog in a series about why businesses are moving to the cloud to modernize and improve business performance.

In our first blog in this series, we looked at the current state of cloud, while the second blog highlighted how cloud enables innovation. In this blog, we will showcase how cloud brings the innovation discussed in the last blog with a real-life example.

New challenges

A common challenge for industry leaders is the rise of startups that are born in the cloud. These startups are able to innovate quickly, which leads to new revenue streams and a faster time to market. This means that older businesses need to transform how they operate to keep up and meet current expectations.

The pharmaceutical benefits management industry is one area this is happening in, where venture-funded startups are disrupting the industry. This has created fierce competition for previously unchallenged leaders of the industry, which are now needing to evolve quickly. Our industry-leading client needed to gain the ability to scale and deploy at speed to reach their market faster. They came to us looking for a multi-cloud solution that could drive transformation and innovation to meet their new challenge.

Innovation through automation in the cloud

An overhaul of the client’s existing IT systems was necessary to modernize processes. Our team implemented Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to meet the needs of the client with its many benefits. Crucially, one of those benefits is the velocity it brings, as the platform reduced the time to deployment of new apps to just four hours. This allowed the client to transform and innovate at speed, which ultimately meant it reached its market faster. PCF enables virtualization to achieve this, allowing for automation and continuous deployment of entity-based services. To enable this, we led the development of these entity-based services, including patient, provider, physician, and member user experiences.

By leveraging PCF, we were also able to bring other benefits the clients was seeking. Those benefits include working across a multi-cloud environment, scalability, and fault-tolerance. This in turn increased the organizational agility of the client, with the modernized platforms enhancing the ability to process and serve specialty patients and prescriptions through faster development of new applications and services.

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