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Improving Operations and Patient Outcomes: Cloud and Analytics

The cloud is enabling healthcare organizations to drive increased flexibility in maximizing the use of their data. It is also helping to lower costs, and provide better security for a variety of data types and use cases.

Organizations no longer need to set up and run a vast number of software or hardware systems on their own. Cloud services can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere, while supplementary storage volume can be added or taken away as needed.

The features and benefits of the cloud support long-term growth.

Google is one technology vendor that has its eyes set on helping the healthcare industry. Its fully managed serverless data warehouse, called BigQuery, enables companies to gain insight into their data without running a hosting infrastructure. The company says it can “process petabytes of data (even in parallel) faster than can be done on premises.”

Organizations such as Cleveland Clinic are using the cloud to make more use of their data. Beth Meese, administrative director of technology and innovations at Cleveland Clinic, said the academic medical center is using the Google Cloud’s Apigee platform to open up its EMRs and run analytics and predictive models. The goal, she said, is to make the data more actionable for clinicians.

While the cloud provides incredible efficiency benefits to healthcare organizations, analytics solutions provide the ability to dissect and present the data intelligently. Creative and detailed visualizations of the data allow stakeholders to absorb the information more quickly, as well as act on it quickly.

Healthcare organizations continue to strive for new and innovative ways of clearly communicating data, often complex, to clinicians and administrators whose valuable time needs to be focused on gaining insight, as opposed to wrangling data.

We recently published a guide that explores how data and technology can enable organizations to make informed healthcare decisions, produce better patient outcomes, and create a better patient and stakeholder experience. You can download it below.

This blog was co-authored by Tom Lennon.

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