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How GSK Is Using IBM Watson To Create Brand Love

IBM World of Watson 2016 is taking place this week in Las Vegas and the agenda is jam-packed with an incredible number of great sessions.

If you work in the life sciences space and your role requires the use of sophisticated IT, you’re probably already of aware of Watson and the potential it has to truly disrupt the industry when it comes to research and development. However, there’s one particular area that may not have crossed your mind when it comes to using the cognitive computing technology: marketing.

In the opening session of World of Watson, we heard (fast forward to the 1:04:27 mark) Jason Andree, Sr. Brand Manager, Cough & Cold Portfolio, GlaxoSmithKline North America, discuss how GSK will use Watson-powered technology to promote its Theraflu brand.

For the 2016 flu season, the global healthcare company will run ads on The Weather Channel’s digital assets, such as The Weather Channel mobile app. Through voice or text, consumers will be able to interact with the ads by asking questions related to the flu or Theraflu.

Watson Ads, which is what IBM calls this technology offering, provides companies with insight into consumer behavior and expectations that companies historically would have only been able to generate via direct contact (e.g., consumer hotline) with consumers.

If you are interested in using Watson for your company, drop us a line. We’d be happy to share how we’re helping companies leverage this innovative technology.

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