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Adapting a new model of the brain to digital experience

Carol Rozwell, VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner provided insights into her research on human brain activity and how this knowledge can be used to help increase digital experience in the solutions we deliver at the Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration Summit last week. She answered to key questions.

  • What does recent research teach us about how the brain works?
  • How can we leverage this insight to plan more successful engagement initiatives?

To these points, Carol spoke about her research and model of rewards and threats as shown below. She identified 5 dimensions of human awareness that if satisfied, will result in a positive digital experience. See below.
In addition, Carol presented a best practice approach to satisfying these 5 needs as described in the chart below.
The following are the expected results, when focusing on the best practice defined above:

  • Inspire an emotional connection
  • Appeal to our sense of purpose
  • Increase the rewards our brains crave
  • Maintain our social well-being
  • Offer opportunities to learn and grow

We all want to create great solutions that exceed expectations, but what is the business value of this research and best practice you may ask. Or more importantly, how does this impact my bottom line? Carol anticipated this question and backed up her findings with qualified research from Gallup, stating that Clients with engaged customers and employees were able to drive 3.9x EPS growth rate. Those results are hard to dismiss in this age of market transparency and ever higher expectations from stockholders and analysts.

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