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Driving Business Value with #Yammer: Webinar Replay & Highlights

We hosted a webinar last week on the topic of driving business value with Yammer, and the session is now available for replay.
Rich Wood, Director of Perficient’s national Microsoft web and social collaboration practice, did a great job briefly introducing attendees to the idea of an enterprise social network, and shared some key things worth knowing about Yammer (for instance, it’s a cloud-based service for enterprise social, it’s Microsoft’s direction for #ESN, and pricing for Yammer is really, really good right now).
He spent a large portion of the hour long session on user engagement/adoption – what is it and what are the steps to ensuring it’s a success? Basically, it boils down to three steps:

  1. Get in
  2. Get engaged
  3. Get advanced

Throughout the webinar, we shared some of Rich’s highlights on Twitter @Perficient_MSFT:


The attendees asked some excellent questions (one that comes to mind was around what to expect in terms of engagement… how to measure engagement and how to know if that percentage of engaged users is typical), and Rich wrapped up with a few minutes to spare and answered several of them.
To listen to the webinar in its entirety, along with the Q&A portion, here is the replay.

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