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Why I Buy (almost) Everything from Amazon

There are a lot of things that I like about Amazon. Good pricing, wide selection, and ease of shopping. These qualities have been part of their ecosystem for a long time, but it was never enough to make me an Amazon loyalist like I am today.

So, what changed? Amazon Prime.

primeFor an annual fee of $79, I can order whatever I want, whenever I want with absolutely no shipping cost. None. What this means to me is that I can now shop and order at the exact moment that I need something. I ordered from Amazon (using Prime) on three different occasions over the past week.

  • My daughter has shown an interest in building and engineering. Rather than adding another task to my already extensive to-do list, I grabbed my phone and ordered her two building toys in less than two minutes. I knew the price was good. Even if it wasn’t the best price, once you had on shipping or gas to go to the store, I was confident that I was paying a fair amount.
  • The next day, I realized that I misplaced my space heater in a recent move. Again, I grabbed my phone, searched prices and reviews and ordered it up.
  • This morning, I met a goal that I had set for myself. My reward was a FitBit Flex. While I was cooling down from my workout, I ordered it on Amazon and carried on with my day.

The amazing thing about their payment system is that it is one button ordering, so it really doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to place an order. Also note that I purchased three items on three consecutive days. They weren’t in one order. That is the real gold of Amazon Prime. I don’t have to package all of my items in one order. I can order them in the moment that I’m thinking about it.

I know that Amazon Prime has allowed me to spend more money than I typically would have at Amazon, because they make it so easy. I’m happy to pay the $79 annual fee to keep my mind clear of “to-do” clutter.

Do you use Amazon Prime or have you had any similar experiences where the means of payment has prompted you to become an extremely loyal customer?

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