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Streamlining the Manufacturing and Automotive Treasury Function

The strategic vision of the manufacturing and automotive treasury function is to deliver efficiency, control, and scalability. The logical structure for this transformation includes several key components: business events, centralized demand deposit accounts with banking connectivity, and a reporting data warehouse. A comprehensive finance and treasury transformation program can help improve cash and liquidity management, […]

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How Blockchain Can Disrupt Financial Services

This table below highlights how blockchain can disrupt various aspects of the financial services industry. If you are interested in learning more about blockchain, download our new guide titled “Getting Ahead with Blockchain in Financial Services.”

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[Guide] Getting Ahead With Blockchain In Financial Services

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you keep hearing that blockchain is the next transformative technology. And while you want to make sure you’re fully informed and in a position to exploit any opportunities this technology could bring to you and your organization, you still don’t fully understand what blockchain means. Moreover, based on […]

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7 Ways To Fix Your Relationships With Clinical Sites

In our nearly 20 years of working with the life sciences industry, we’ve spoken with countless pharmaceutical, medical device, and contract research organizations (CROs) about their relationships with clinical sites and investigators. We’ve listened to their struggles and the things they’ve done to try to make things better, including what’s worked and what hasn’t. We’ve […]

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European Millennials Hungry For (Good) Mobile Payment Technology

A new report published by Ipsos MORI, a market research company, and VocaLink, a global payments partner to financial institutions and governments, indicates that European millennials are struggling to adopt mobile payment technology. While more than half of the ~4,000 millennials from Germany, Italy, UK, and the Netherlands that took part in the study exhibit deep […]

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R11: Cloud ERP – Payment Processes 101 (series: 1 of 10)

Your company decided to use a new checking account for AP payments.  Now, the new bank account needs to be added to Oracle Cloud ERP.  Where to start? Over the upcoming weeks, I will be writing about the system configurations required for adding bank accounts for use in Accounts Payable Payments in Oracle Cloud ERP. […]

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R11 – Fact #6 Payables – Payments

From the Home Page, the user can access the Payables landing page and work areas to perform tasks and monitor activities.  As seen in an earlier blog, there are three work areas under Payables.  They are Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.  Today’s blog will show you aspects about the Payments work area. The user can […]

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The 18 Unicorns In FinTech

  A few days ago, I shared a list, a much smaller list, of unicorn companies that sit in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. To refresh your memory, a unicorn is a technology-related organization with a valuation of more than $1 billion, typically a start-up, and with no real track record of success. In a recent report, […]

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Mobile Payments Rising In Popularity, Especially Outside The U.S.

  Have you heard? Some retail establishments, in countries like the Netherlands, don’t accept cash anymore. As I mentioned in a previous post, digital money is making big waves – everywhere. While it’s starting to make a serious dent in the United States, the use of mobile payments are much more widespread in other countries. […]

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One Way Digital Technology Is Changing FinTech

  I really don’t like carrying cash. And, the only reason I do is because that’s all my barber accepts. I prefer using digital money. Huh, digital money? According to Investopedia, digital money is “any means of payment that exists purely in electronic form.” In other words, think of digital money as using any payment […]

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Walmart Introduces It’s Own Mobile Payment Service – Walmart Pay

Instead of opting to accept Apple Pay or Android Pay, Walmart has decided to launch its own payment service called Walmart Pay. The largest retailer in the world describes Walmart Pay as “a fast, easy and secure way for customers to pay with their smartphones in Walmart stores,” and it is compatible with both iOS […]

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Mobile Payments Add Fuel to the Economic Engine

As a consumer, I like electronic payments because they make my life easier and they save me an extraordinary amount of time. As a retailer, electronic payments make it easier for people to buy from you with the touch of a button, thus growing the bottom line. Electronic payments are designed to make the buying […]

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Turning Digital Disruption into Digital Transformation in Banking

Digital has permeated almost every facet of our lives as consumers in an “always on” connected world. In fact, it’s even impacted how we, as a company, serve our clients across industries based on their top priorities and challenges to better reach and serve their customer base – and the financial services industry is no exception. Over on our new […]

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6 Risk and Compliance Trends to Watch in 2015

There will undoubtedly be a wide range of financial services predictions and banking trends that will surface throughout the year which will make planning your organization’s top priorities in 2015 increasingly difficult. However, one thing is certain – risk and compliance continues to move to the top of the executive’s agenda. As financial institutions continue to experience an onslaught of cybersecurity threats, […]

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Money20/20 Highlights – Day 2: Disruption, Convergence and Evolution

Many of Monday’s sessions at Money20/20 focused on the retail and commerce space. From demos of new payment platforms and systems, the use of BLE and beacon technology, the future of gift cards and prepaid to research on consumer shopping behaviors, its evident that the emerging trends and innovations in these areas are spilling over into the financial services and […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure? Only if You Have Cash

Life is an adventure and weekends are meant to embrace the new…as long as you are carrying cash. Spending time in the community and randomly stumbling upon fairs or carnivals is one of the great joys of life. But without cash, these joys can quickly turn into frustration. In the past few weeks, I can […]

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Apple Aims to Transform Consumers’ Financial Lives

In addition to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch unveiled this afternoon, Apple also announced Apple Pay, the long-awaited mobile payments platform, creating quite a buzz in the payments and financial services industry. Apple has taken a leap of faith jumping head-first into contactless payments, biometrics, wearables and tokenization with the new iPhone 6 and […]

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