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Guide to Lotusphere/Connect: Top 10 Things To Do at the Show

New name, new feel, 100% social.  Whether you have been to Lotusphere in the past or Connect/Lotusphere 2013 is your first.  Here is a good guide to what to do, how to do it and what to expect this year.

1. Be open and social.  Really, say hi to people when you don’t know them.

2. Don’t miss OGS (Opening General Session) – its great but get there early.  Lines form like a One Direction ticket launch.

3. Get Certified.  One of the best things is that you can certified on nearly any IBM software while at Connect.  Take advantage of that because the best of the best are there to teach (and be taught).

4. Go to the Expo.  Its a great way to see new products that work with Connections, Portal and more.

5. Get there Sunday!  First, travel is tough so a few hours to lay low is good.  The reception Sunday is great and usually one of the highlights.

6. Go to every session you can.  (cheap plug) I am presenting with the CTO of Premier healthcare alliance on Tuesday at 2:45p BUT other than that you should hit all the amazing sessions like Bird of a Feather and Pardon the Interruption.  I will be giving away a Jabra Speak 410 to the best tweet from my session so don’t miss it.

7. Wednesday night is not to be missed.  Enough said.

8. Take time to enjoy the sun.  Its -10F in Minnesota and freezing cold in most of the country so get some Vitamin D – naturally!

9. Power up devices at night.  Outlets are scarce so be forewarned.

10. Last, but not least – sleep is for the flight home.  This is one of the best events thrown jammed packed with new people, new products, new ideas, breakfast, lunch and dinners, Happy HourS (hopping is a tradition), coffee breaks, 15 min power naps  and so much more.  Take it all in.

You can find me via twitter @jdistad, the other two of the three amigos, Mike Porter (@porteronportal) and Mark Polly (@markapolly).  We will be updating our blog here ALL THE TIME so check back.  Stop by our booth for a bunch of free stuff including a free social business bootcamp at your office by one of our Social Business Butlers.  We will also be giving away 60 day hosted Connections PoC’s with Bunchball included at our booth.

See you next week and safe travels to Orlando.

Thoughts on “Guide to Lotusphere/Connect: Top 10 Things To Do at the Show”

  1. I would say to come Saturday. Sunday is full of sessions, both Jumpstart and Mater Chef sessions. And come early Saaturday, there are social events (outside teh official program) going on most of the day, starting with a soccer game at 10am, followed by BALD starting at 2pm. If you arrive Sunday, you missed a day and a half (at least) of networking and great sessions.
    You can find more tips and info here:

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