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Webinar: O365 Deployment, Security & Management Best Practices

Joe Palarchio Ignite

Perficient’s Joe Palarchio presents a session on Exchange hybrid at Microsoft Ignite

As we get back into the swing of things after heading home from Microsoft Ignite (some of us didn’t have to go very far, lucky Chicagoans), we’re excited to have a bunch of new webinars lined up on various topics. One was today, on Skype for Business – stay tuned for that recap!

Next up, on Wednesday, June 3 at 1 pm CT, Joe Palarchio, Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient, who presented a session at Ignite on Exchange in a hybrid environment, will be teaming up with Chris Webber, Director of Product Marketing at Centrify for a webinar on Proven Practices for Office 365 Deployment, Security and Management.

When it comes to email platforms, Office 365 Exchange Online has quickly become the choice solution for many enterprises as they move from an on-premises environment to the cloud. In this session, you will learn how single sign-on and automated account provisioning for Office 365 can stop the cloud password sprawl, close security holes and free up IT time for new projects.

You’ll also see how to:

  • Drive cloud app adoption and eliminate password sprawl
  • Centralize, standardize and automate access management – across apps and devices
  • Leverage active directory, without the expense and risk of replicating it
  • Provide seamless access to on-premises apps without the hassle of VPN
  • Simplify with a Microsoft-validated alternative to AD FS, DirSync, and Azure Active Directory

We hope you can join us to learn how to get ahead of cloud challenges you may be facing and simplify your deployment of Office 365. Sign up today!


Ignite 2015 Recap – Top 3 Sessions to Replay

ignite mainWelcome back from a great Ignite Conference! By now, I hope everyone knows that the conference recordings are posted to channel9, a section of MSDN. Microsoft does a great job of recording and publishing all of this content quickly, its pretty awesome.

One of my biggest challenges at the conference was knowing which session to pick. There were 3-6 sessions at any given time that I wanted to go to. All week it was like that, crazy.

This year, Microsoft added “foundational keynote” sessions. Sadly, most of them were on Monday and over-lapped each other. I went back and downloaded the videos and they are all amazing, filled with product name changes, roadmap discussions, and a very transparent look at Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy. Read the rest of this post »

New features for Office 365 SSO and RMS – Ignite 2015

Some very exciting new capabilities were announced here (Ignite conference) as part of the Office 365 suite powered by Azure AD and rights management service. I will share two of these here
• Cloud App Discovery
• Document Tracking

Cloud App Discovery

With 365 you’re already setup for SSO but if you require some advanced functionality like adding your third party or on-premises apps to this single sign on experience then this section of the Office 365 portal will be very valuable

Once you have synchronized users with Office 365
• In the Office 365 Admin portal go to azure AD. Go to Cloud App Discovery if you wish to add your apps to single sing on experience (Upgrade to Azure AD premium if u want self service)
• With cloud app discovery you can see how many users using which SAAS apps.
• You can view which users were denied access
• You can assign multi factor authentication (even if the app like twitter comes with single factor OOB)
Password rollover- Every week or two users passwords for SAAS apps is randomly changed. So admins also won’t be privy of user password. Initial password is changed instantaneously
Users can see log reports and incident report.

Document Tracking with Azure RMS

• Recipients can download a mobile RMS sharing app to view shared protected RMS document
• Allows doc owners to track activity on docs they sent
○ Who was denied or accessed
○ Various views – timeline view, category view, chart view, map view with geographically location where files were accessed
• Sender gets Notification email with link to tracking site and it will list all docs he shared externally or internally
• Sender can revoke access from document tracking site. Recipients get notification
There were many other features announced at the Ignite but I think these two at the very least deserve a round of applause !!

Office 365 NextGen Portals Under the Hood – Ignite 2015

ignite main

Family of NextGen portals

  • Video
  • Delve
  • Infopedia

Notion of these portals is built on the following pillars

  • Intelligent
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Ready to go





Office 365 Video

Powered by azure media services
Easily consume
Share ideas broadly (rich discoverable social video across devices with yammer embedded)
Secure & easy to manage (scalable, encrypted, cross-geo video streaming service)
Also powered by Office graph which means it learns from your behavior over time.

Using SP: storing nextgen portal data Read the rest of this post »

Exchange Hybrid – The Unspoken Limitations That You Should Know

During the inaugural Microsoft Ignite conference, I was selected to present a “community theater” session; my session was titled “Exchange Hybrid – The Unspoken Limitations That You Should Know”.

The idea around this session was the we should always know the capability of a technology before deploying it into production. The earlier we can identify any limitations, the earlier we can communicate them to our project sponsors and end users. In some cases, communication is the only workaround necessary for the limitation, in other cases there are existing workarounds that can be helpful; I have identified some of these workarounds in the presentation slide deck below.
Read the rest of this post »

Next-Gen Information Protection Announcements – Ignite 2015

The following are my notes from the Next-Gen Information Protection announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2015.

Microsoft thinks about security in three ways:

  • Being pervasive
  • Transparent
  • People-centric

Pervasive – policy applied to data level (when its created inside the ecosystem)
so it goes with data across devices.

Unified compliance – running data through compliance center across email, SP, messaging, etc.

Pervasive -Admin goes to compliance center
Sets up files and links with security
User opens links received via email. Malicious links redirect user to a threat warning page blocking access. Read the rest of this post »

New SharePoint Online Migration API Announcement – Ignite 2015

The single biggest benefit of this new Migration PowerShell API is speed. Close to 5 times faster than CSOM calls. The new API was released today and is available for public consumption.

An Overview

  • Source – file share, SharePoint on-prem, potentially any other data source
  • Package – create package for the API to be able to accept it
  • Azure temporary holding storage – use power of Azure to bring content faster in MSFT network
  • SharePoint /OD4b final destination – timer job based import in a scalable way that will not hurt the service using back-end resources

Who is it for?
IT admin and developers Read the rest of this post »

Office 365 Groups Roadmap Announcement – Ignite 2015

ignite main

You will find some exciting announcements and investments, but before we discuss the future roadmap, let’s dive in to background and benefits of Groups.

The world has changed

Earlier – Information moves slowly. Fixed workforces; siloed teams. Believed in command and control
Now – information travels fast. Leverage the on demand; global talent pool. Always mobile, always moving. Collaborate easily, often and always. Grow up on social networks. They believe in Learn and adopt

The rise of dynamic teams
• Modern collaboration
• Intelligent fabric (office graph and Office 365 groups)
• Personalized insight

Benefits of Groups
1. Single Definition – Groups is definition of team.
2. Public by Default – Enable quick discovery of information in a simple way.
3. Sharing to Non Members –
4. Self Service – It works on demand.
5. Context & History – e.g. New member joining the team
6. Simple to manage

Groups works on Azure AD and works across Outlook, OD4B, OneNote, Calendar, Skype, Dynamics CRM, Delve, Yammer (future ~ 2016) Read the rest of this post »

Fast Track your Office 365 Deployments with Centrify

This guest post comes courtesy of our partner, Centrify.

Whether you are an SMB with hundreds of users or a large enterprise with tens of thousands of users, when it comes to making Office 365 deployments to be effective, it must be scalable to on-board existing & add new O365 users quickly and thereafter enable easy access to all users anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

This leads into several challenges:

  1. User provisioning – do I as the IT admin have to manually add hundreds or thousands of my employee accounts, assign their licenses, and manage their roles and access controls within these cloud apps?
  2. Easy 1-click access – will I as the end user have to supply my login credentials every time I try to access Office 365 wherever I am?
  3. Secure mobile access – If I do find a Single Sign-on (SSO) solution, how can it protect all the devices on which I would access Office 365 from, in the wake of those devices’ theft or compromise?

Thanks to Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions, IT and end users can experience:

  • Seamless integration with Active Directory and Office 365
  • Automatic user provisioning from Active Directory based upon roles & groups
  • Policy and role based access by location, time and device
  • Password-free secure login to any SaaS app from anywhere
  • Secure management and support for any mobile device
  • All through a single, centralized IT management console

Meet the Centrify IDaaS solution — built on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Centrify

Read the rest of this post »

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention in Transit – Ignite 2015

Office 365 Data loss protection (DLP) comes with 6 to 7 predefined templates, MS is adding 20-30 every month
One central place to manage all workloads (SP, OD4B, Exchange) .

Admin Actions

Block access to content for SME. They shouldn’t be able to see end user content.
Send email notification
Policy tip (like outlook) across all workloads
Target policies by group (change scope anytime)
Everything is audited. Incident report is available per each hit, per user.

End User UX

Scenario – User places the file in OD4B.
Owner gets email notification that access was restricted. Probably because the person it was shared with added sensitive data. That user has the file blocked in Outlook.
Sees policy tip even inside the office client (e.g. Excel)

Admin UX

Incident mgmt system – integration with dynamics (if u have license). Admin can go to single dashboard to see a case and shows a view for compliance and dlp cases. Office 365 activity report also shows some incident reporting (not detailed). Export to csv or anything else.