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How to Add Help Desk Contact Information to a Help Pane in Office 365

This tutorial walks you through how to add a customized help desk information to the Office 365 help pane. It’s a simple feature and a good way to inform your users on support information for SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. By enabling this, users will be able to select the help button or the “?” next to their user icon below:

Highlighted Question Mark

Follow These Next Steps

Sign in to, then select admin.

You must have global admin access for Office 365 and have a license to “Exchange Online.” Next, select the app launcher icon below:

Then, choose admin.


Click on the settings icon, and then on your organization’s profile.

Click on “help desk information.” It will then take you to a form. Then, click on the check box to show the fields.

As an admin, you need to decide what kind of contact information you want to give users. The title and at least one form of contact information are required. Select what you want to display and fill out the appropriate information. You can choose from the following:

  • Title: Enter a title that clearly indicates your intent, such as “Contoso help desk” or “Need help?”
  • Help desk phone: Enter the phone number users should call to talk to a technical support agent at your organization. Be sure to include any prefixes that may be needed to complete the call.
  • Help desk email: Enter the email address for your support department.
  • Help desk URL: If your support department has an internal or public website with helpful tools and resources, enter its name and the associated URL.

Finally, click save.”

To see your new customized help desk card, sign out and back in again. Users will be able to see the card like in the below screenshot:

My Final Thoughts

In this tutorial, we learned how to add a customized help desk to Office 365 help pane. Adding the help desk contact information to the help pane helps users quickly access your help desk. As an Office 365 user myself, I believe this is a great feature that’s useful to many.

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