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Introduction to FastConnect TIBCO Factory

FastConnect TIBCO Factory is a software factory, and not to be thought of as a framework, in that it gives tools to develop, build, package, deploy, manage and monitor TIBCO applications and environments but no implementation of functional or technical services. FastConnect is plug-in based. The available plugins: BWMaven CodeReview BWMaven: BWMaven is a Maven plugin to […]

TIBCO BW Plug-in – REST and JSON Usage

TIBCO provides support for REST and JSON plug-ins for the Business Works 5.x edition; these plugins can be installed after installing Business works 5.x edition manually. REST plug-ins can allow the user to invoke Restful web services and expose BW applications as Restful web services. JSON plugins will help to transform XML data to JSON […]

Announcing Our Integration Matters Partnership

Perficient has added a new partner, Integration Matters, to complement and flesh out current integration offerings. How will this new partnership benefit our customers? Integration Matters focuses on providing organizations with “a clear-cut view of your entire value chain” through their nJAMS platform. nJAMS dives into business processes to provide owners insight into operations, promoting […]

Overview and Implementation of TIBCO Business Process Management

TIBCO Business Process Management What is Business Process Management – BPM ? Here we go with the definition of BPM in relating to our lifestyle. BPM can be defined as “workflow.” As an example, let’s consider a loan application or offer management in a bank. A customer wants to apply for a product such as a […]

Log Miner for Your TIBCO Infrastructure

Nowadays all over the world, IT companies are evolving with the term of ‘Automation’. The term Automation describes ‘Huge time and cost saving effort to the consumers’. Keeping in mind that industries have developed many automation tools. In that ocean, I’m going to talk about a few Log Automation tools in the TIBCO landscape. Tools […]

Does Technology Drive Business or Does Business Drive Technology?

This is a traditional chicken or the egg problem, and I would like to put in my 2 cents by trying to address the same question in the information technology era. We see hundreds of new and emerging startups rising every day across all the industries. The secret of success is not coming from any […]

APIs Aren’t New – And They’re Driving the Digital Economy

Enterprises must be lean and agile in order to compete. Yet in many organizations, consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions have created fragmented, non-integrated systems and processes that drain financial and human resources and diminish your ability to respond to a changing market and the relentless demands of customers and partners. Perficient’s integration and application program interface […]

4 Things to Look Forward to at TIBCO NOW 2016

TIBCO NOW is the largest user conference for TIBCO products, taking place May 16-19, 2016, in Las Vegas. With nearly 100 sessions, this year’s conference is themed around Destination Digital and utilizing your TIBCO products to drive digital transformation in your organization. Here are four things to look forward to if you’re attending TIBCO NOW 2016. 1. […]

API Management Enables Agility and Reduces Time to Market for Cricket

Cricket Communications, the operating subsidiary of AT&T, is a rapidly expanding, nationwide low-cost provider of mobile wireless services. As the sixth largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, Cricket provides wireless services to more than 5.4 million customers in all 50 states. Cricket’s rapid growth into new markets left it with aging systems that […]

Energy Client Improves Customer Engagement with TIBCO SOA Platform

A regulated electric utility company in operation for more than 100 years with almost a million customers in the south central United States wanted to take its customer engagement to the next level. Over time, this client had developed a network of disparate websites, each serving a segment of customers and prospects. These sites needed to be unified […]

Three’s Company: Who Leads Gartner’s BI And Analytics Quadrant?

  Gartner forecasts that the business intelligence (BI) and analytics market will increase 5.2% over last year, reaching $16.9 billion by the end of 2016. Ian Bertram, managing vice president at Gartner, believes “The shift to the modern BI and analytics platform has now reached a tipping point.” He urges the organizations that are lagging […]

Guidelines for Selecting the Right API Gateway for API Strategy

In the past couple months, we have seen rapid growth in the API business. Organizations that were stuck to traditional business models are now looking at API strategy as new source of revenue and opportunities. Most of the organizations are either looking into an API strategy or have already started planning. It’s clear that no one wants […]

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