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Data Visualization using TIBCO Spotfire® DESKTOP

TIBCO Spotfire® Desktop is a data visualization and analytics tool which uncovers the insights from data

SPOTFIRE Desktop features

  • Enables user to analyse and visualize realtime data in different ways providing holistic view of the business
  • Easily share insights with peers, advisers, and customers to provide valuable context for collaborative decisions
  • Easy and accessible to users to get started, build dashboards, or deliver analytics expertise
  • Enables user to share complex thoughts with clarity
  • Work with multiple datasets and find relationships

SPOTFIRE Desktop Installation

Installation is as simple as below

  • Download the Spotfire Desktop Trial from below URL


  • Run the installer and continue next to complete the installation
  • Double-click the TIBCO Spotfire icon to launch TIBCO Spotfire Desktop

Spotfire Desktop

Accessing Data

There are a number of different ways available to access your data

  1. Direct file access (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv, .txt, .mdb, .mde, .sas7bdat, .sd2, .udl, .shp).
  2. Import from a database
  3. Data Connections via TIBCO Spotfire connectors to external systems to keep the underlying data in the database (in-db) rather than bringing it into Spotfire’s internal data engine

Loading Excel Data into SpotFire Desktop

To load data, use the File menu or Add Data Tables to load the excel file and then configure the data settings in the Excel Import dialog

Below screenshot shows HR-Employee excel dataset import dialog

Excel Import Dialog

Adding Visualizations to data

Spotfire Desktop has variety of data visualizations patterns as below . Font,Color,labels settings can be adjusted in Properties dialog

  • Table
  • BarChart
  • WaterFallChart
  • LineChart
  • CombinationalChart
  • PieChart and much more


    Fig.1  BarChart View of Male and Female count based on marital Status

 Fig 1

    Fig.2  BarChart View of Attrition Rate Per JobRole


Data Analysis

TreeChart , BarChart and PieChart are used in the below screenshot which gives detailed analysis on the JobRole and AttritionRate per JobRole and Gender Percentage based on the AttritionRate Per JobRole


Above steps illustrates the attrition rate in an organization based on Role and gender . TIBCO Spotfire® Desktop has much more available functions and charts to depict and predict complex data patterns with clarity thereby providing powerful insights to the end user

 Start Visualizing !!!


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