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Healthcare Governance: Trends to Watch

Governance in healthcare organizations is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence or rebirth as the industry begins to recognize not only the value of governance, but that it is a critical component of the organization. Forrester Research has labeled this evolution “DG 2.0.” But regardless of the label or the current support (or lack thereof) that […]

Governance Program: Watch What You Are Doing – Everyone Else Is

If you recall, in my last post I talked about communications and how it is a critical element for a successful program. I mentioned one aspect of that being communicating the benefits and value of the governance artifacts, and to do that requires measurements that help you gauge that success. To measure successfully requires two […]

Governance Program Communications: Keeping the Team Engaged

If you talk to Governance practitioners, you will find that most believe or have realized that Governance is predominately a communication discipline. That is what I want to talk about in this blog entry. I touched on it in previous entries as we talked about what Governance is and ideas for how to go about […]

Governance Program Offerings – What “Stuff” Does it Produce?

If you’ve been following along with my blog series, you know that Governance is responsible for setting the framework within which information management decisions are made. This framework is not only clarifying who does what (decision rights, processes, etc.), but also the “bumpers” to keep everything under control (rules, policies, controls, etc.). All of these […]

Keys to Establishing (or Maturing) a Governance Program

From my last blog entry, we have a starting point for working on the governance program (through conducting an assessment or audit and defining or confirming the strategy.) Now it is time to actually do something! This blog is partially titled “establishing (or maturing)” because the structure and approach can be applied whether you are […]

Initiating a Governance Program – Figuring Out Where to Begin

So far in my blog series we have defined what Governance is and reviewed some things to think about to sell the need for the program in your enterprise. So, now we’ve gotten a green light, so where to begin? To me, Governance is not unlike Enterprise Architecture in that, even without a formal program, […]

“Selling” Governance to Leadership: What are the Benefits?

So, if you’ve been following along on this “Governance journey” you know we’ve discussed what it is (strategic business capability) and some helpful items (frameworks, tools, certifications) for carrying out its mission. But, as you likely know, sometime establishing a program is a tough sell. It is often viewed as “overhead” or just more red […]

The Evolution of Industry Tools for the “New” Governance

Welcome (back) to my blog as we continue to expound upon Governance and what it means within a business enterprise. To date we’ve defined what Governance is and talked a bit about how the industry supports it through the availability of Frameworks and Guidance for establishing and running a program. Now I’d like to turn […]

Strategy and Tactics – Know Your “What” From Your “How”

Hi and thanks for stopping by. If you’ve followed along with my previous posts on Governance you know we’ve spent some time getting our terms straight. We’ve distinguished Governance from Management and Data from Information (and Knowledge, and Wisdom). For me, one last piece of the “term puzzle” that is helpful to (finally?) begin to […]

6 Disruptions in the World of Data – Day 2 Informatica World 2016

Day 2 at Informatica World has been equally as informative and exciting as day 1. The day started with Amit Wahlia (Chief Product Officer) discussing the 6 data disruptions leading to innovations that Informatica is watching – including mobile, social media, big data, IoT, security, and cloud. A cool example of data-driven disruption was Amazon […]

Data 3.0 – Day 1 Informatica World 2016

There were 3 main themes during day 1 of Informatica World 2016, including a data competency model, Data 3.0, and updates to their partnership program as a part of their efforts to bolster their collection of data-ready solutions. Since the emergence of Informatica 20+ years ago, their vision to become market leaders in data management […]

5 key roles of Data Architect in Information Management

  As architects, sometimes we get caught in the trap of focusing on the most tangible aspects of our architecture solving business problems, while losing track of the aspects that truly drive our architectural decisions. Information architecture serves as that vital bridge from the business applications to technology architecture (TOGAF Architecture Development Method). Although solutions […]

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