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Healthcare Governance: Trends to Watch

Governance in healthcare organizations is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence or rebirth as the industry begins to recognize not only the value of governance, but that it is a critical component of the organization. Forrester Research has labeled this evolution “DG 2.0.” But regardless of the label or the current support (or lack thereof) that governance may have, there are some trends that will drive the future direction of the practice.

In our recent guide, Healthcare Governance, Trends to Watch, we take a look at two types of trends: first, trends that are external to the governance practice, but are having a direct impact on governance programs; and second, trends that are occurring directly within governance itself. Those trends include:

Trends Impacting Governance

  1. Information is Different Than Data
  2. Information is an Asset
  3. The Rise of Big Data
  4. The Cloud and Residency Beyond the Perimeter

Trends in Governance

  1. Interest from Leadership
  2. Change Management as the Critical Success Factor
  3. A Focus Beyond Compliance/Risk and Analytics
  4. Business-Centric Capability
  5. Democratization of Ownership and Stewardship
  6. Cross-Enterprise Semantics and Metadata Consistency
  7. Enterprise Modeling is Essential

Information and data governance are quickly becoming imperative for a healthcare industry that is both seeking to capitalize on the value of its information assets and that is committed to ensuring the reliability and integrity of information and data used to improve care quality, operations, and financial performance. After all, trust in health information and high quality patient care depend on it.

Get the guide to learn more about the healthcare governance landscape and the trends that are helping to shape it.

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