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Modular Omni-channel Marketing Content: A Game Changer for Personalization Campaigns

Technical Marketers running personalization campaigns need content. Images, pull quotes, slugs, call-to-actions, short and long form videos, infographics, and polls all may be needed when building relevant and engaging experiences. However, tracking down content that is useful, relevant, and the right size and shape is difficult. More difficult is finding the right content for the […]

Sitecore Symposium 2017: Atlantis The Palm and 5-Star Experiences

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai strives to deliver its guest an endless array of bucket-list experiences with a huge amount of rooms, more than 20 restaurants, and other resort options. Of course, they need a platform to match and to provide a personalized omnichannel experience. Hershna Langworth, Director, Online Marketing, Christopher Pascoe, Manager, Online Marketing, and Ravini […]

Zeroing In On Sitecore Personalization With GeoIP

Marketing to users based on location is not a new concept, but new technologies – especially the rise of the ubiquitous smartphone in the past decade – create potential for hyper-accurate campaigns and personalization. Sitecore embraces personalization, and thanks to a few core technologies, personalizing based on end-user location is easier than ever in Sitecore. […]

3 Reasons Why Personalized Content Should Be Your Top Priority

Think about the last time you bought a vehicle. You probably had an idea of what you wanted and what you needed it for: better gas mileage, greater towing capacity or (in my case) additional room for a car seat. Odds are that you weren’t the first to test-drive it. Maybe the person before you […]

Sitecore Profile Decay Rate – How It Affects Personalization

Behavioral profiling, for most marketers, is the ultimate digital goal when it comes to their customer experience solution. Not surprisingly, it is nearly always the first question I am asked when working with an organization that is either using, upgrading, or considering Sitecore CXP. “How do we personalize?” or “How can we get started with behavioral […]

Getting Started with Sitecore Cookie-Based Personalization Rules

While working on my current project we ran into a requirement to personalize content based on a cookie that is generated on certain actions within the site. Sitecore out-of-the-box personalization rules do not contain a rule to check for cookies and personalize content based on the existence of a cookie or a value contained within it. […]

7 Reasons to Avoid Over-Personalization in Sitecore XP

Before I get started, let me be clear, I am very much of the belief that a personalized customer experience can grow conversion by at least 20% compared to a contextually irrelevant site. Relevancy matters, so please put away your torches and pitchforks and let me clarify. I have started to see a trend where […]

GEOIP – Working with it

In my previous post, GEOIP – Getting Started, I mentioned that I would illustrate how to actually use the GeoIP components, and here it is! I’ll start with a personalization example. For this example we have a tab component that will have content specified for different US states. When a visitor comes to the site from Georgia, […]

GeoIP – Getting Started

GeoIP is quickly becoming a necessity for the analytics functionality of Sitecore. With GeoIP we can personalize content based on the user’s location to present the most relative information and provide a more engaging user experience. Starting with Sitecore 8.1, the necessary config files and dlls are included in the base install. Prior to 8.1, […]

SPC 2014: Delivering Adaptive and Personalized Experiences

This is a wide ranging presentation on how to create the personalized experience.  Ryan Sockalosky started with the business challenges and then moved into the how. You face a variety of challenges: Ease of use with familiar tools to create sites Create, reuse, and consumer content across many different devices and channels Surface the right […]

Ways to Expand on Sitecore’s Content Personalization Capabilities

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a white paper that describes a number of ways that the out-of-the-box functionality of the Sitecore DMS system can be extended.  I’m very pleased that the paper, Ignite the Core: Expanding Upon Sitecore’s Integrated Content Personalization Capabilities, was released last week on the Perficient website. […]

Sitecore DMS In Action: QueryStringCondition

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) is obviously a huge game-breaker in the WCM market.  Here’s a tool that is seamlessly integrated into your CMS and allows you to track advanced usage analytics, do multivariate testing on your website, and personalize content on your site so that it is the most effective it can be and your site visitors get the […]