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Modular Omni-channel Marketing Content: A Game Changer for Personalization Campaigns

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Technical Marketers running personalization campaigns need content. Images, pull quotes, slugs, call-to-actions, short and long form videos, infographics, and polls all may be needed when building relevant and engaging experiences. However, tracking down content that is useful, relevant, and the right size and shape is difficult. More difficult is finding the right content for the designed experience. All this results in significant extra effort. There must be a better way.

Enter: Experience Fragments

Adobe Experience Manager allows the delivery of Omni-Channel content by using a technology called Experience Fragments. Experience Fragments are groups of rich, templated content that can be used across systems and channels. For example, Experience Fragments allows the marketer to build content and publish that same content to a web page, mobile app screen, and display ad.

In addition, Experience fragments have more advanced uses. By using experience fragments, Marketers can distribute content to run personalized campaigns. Marketers start by building a “hot spot” on the page or app, and then push contextual content based on what the organization understands is relevant to that visitor. At Perficient, we understand that content strategy often dictates Marketing strategy, and have a team of experts dedicated to scaling content for the largest organizations in the world.

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Jordan Kanter, Marketing Director

Jordan Kanter is a Marketing Director at Perficient. With over a decade of experience in digital, he has helped leading brands such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, The Hartford, United Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Hyundai to drive ROI across channels.

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