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Replace Your Legacy API Gateway

According to Gartner, “It is impossible to provide the platform for any digital strategy and run an effective API program to benefit from the API economy, without full life cycle API management.” Digital platforms such as mobility and IoT require businesses to establish an API platform strategy that supports new computing models such as hybrid […]

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API Gateway in Microservices Application

Instead of building a single indivisible application, split the large application into loosely coupled service modules in which each follows different business logic and exposes various APIs. Each of these independent service modules is a Microservice. Why Microservices Let’s use the example that we have an android application and see how it works in monolithic […]

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API Gateway Pattern

Effectively exposing fine-grained APIs and  Microservices . Context To support omnichannel applications with a different set of data requirements, backend applications are broken into fine-grained APIs or microservices.  Each front-end application has logic to call multiple APIs in order aggregate its data. In the case  of mobile and 3rd party apps, this client logic causes poor […]

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The Role of API Gateways in Microservices

Imagine a pizza store where one person is taking orders, one is baking pizza, and a few are delivering them to the requested locations. This division of labor keeps business tasks successfully distributed across employees of the store and maximizes customer satisfaction. Similarly, in a typical software development scenario, it is very common to create a […]

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Guidelines for Selecting the Right API Gateway for API Strategy

In the past couple months, we have seen rapid growth in the API business. Organizations that were stuck to traditional business models are now looking at API strategy as new source of revenue and opportunities. Most of the organizations are either looking into an API strategy or have already started planning. It’s clear that no one wants […]

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