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Replace Your Legacy API Gateway

According to Gartner, “It is impossible to provide the platform for any digital strategy and run an effective API program to benefit from the API economy, without full life cycle API management.”

Digital platforms such as mobility and IoT require businesses to establish an API platform strategy that supports new computing models such as hybrid cloud and SaaS. API management solutions are now available in the cloud as a service and offer significant cost savings and deployment flexibility over older on-premises, API Gateway appliances.

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When considering an API management platform, look to the key product features to build a business case. API management justification often includes increasing the velocity of the business transformation and the financial justification of legacy renewal cost versus the subscription cost of a cloud-based solution.

Consider also the following typical added capabilities from migrating from an API Gateway to API Management in the cloud:

  • Provides a secure API gateway for developers, partners and mobile devices to applications and data
  • Manages an internal API program providing a centralized, collaborative environment to catalog and control reusable integration assets and APIs
  • Creates an ecosystem of innovation by onboarding APIs and developers into a developer portal

A modern cloud-based API management architecture has the following benefits:

  • Faster innovation and time-to-value due to improved developer productivity with self-service access to use and publish APIs
  • Lighter weight architecture that can be accessed across many platforms including cloud, mobile and IoT
  • Lower cost and risk with the subscription cost typically less than the renewal cost of proprietary software and appliances

Take a look at the graphic below to see a typical API Gateway Migration timeline:

Perficient has been in the integration space for over 15 years and has partnerships with all of leading players.  Contact our team to get details on our Accelerated Migration package.

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