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The AEM Dialog Dark Mode Switcher You Never Knew You Needed

It seems like dark mode is taking over everything from IDE’s, to various apps and services (including the new MacOs Mojave). Use Case The use case is pretty simple. In some dialogs, you have RTE’s and want to author text in white color. But that text becomes invisible against the default, white background of dialog […]

Customizing Request for Activation/Deactivation Wizards in AEM 6

In AEM 6.3+, there is a feature that allows content authors to “Request Publication” or “Request Unpublication.” The option becomes available when the content author does not have replication permission crx:replicate on the page they are currently authoring. See image below: Banner Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash   The Publish/Unpublish Page Wizard Once the author clicks on “Request Publication,” the […]

Disabling the Submit Button Until All Fields Are Valid

We all run into instances where it is necessary to make some dialog fields mandatory. A myriad of cases come to mind, but one of the most popular scenarios is to require Alt text for images. In a previous post, one of my Perficient Digital colleagues shared best practices on how to validate authoring fields. In […]

Customized Logging using SLF4J / MDC in AEM

Out of the box logging configuration in AEM not cutting it for you? Check out what you can achieve with SLF4j’s MDC patterns.

Using Sling Models With Nested Composite Mulitifields in AEM 6.3+

You probably already know that Adobe added support for composite multifield in 6.3. Adobe also added support for nested multifield and nested composite multifield in AEM 6.4.   Nested? Composite? Huh? Take a look at the AEM 6.4 docs for multifield Let’s define them   Multifiled: Allows authors the ability to add a list of items, each […]

Report Builder

New From Perficient Digital: Content Reports in AEM

Last week a new version of ACS AEM Commons, 3.14.0 dropped. This latest release included a new feature for creating configurable reports. These reports allow semi-technical users and administrators to create and execute custom reports and export the results as a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.   Why do you need Content Reports?   Content reports allow […]

AEM Gems: Granite UI Common Attributes

In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Granite UI is the foundation UI framework to build touch-enabled UI consoles and component dialogs. It provides a set of out-of-the-box (OOTB) components that you can use to build consoles or component dialogs. In this blog, I want to talk about a small tech gem that a lot of AEM […]

Your Pre-Planning Checklist for an AEM Implementation

Making a list and checking it twice…  ‘Tis the season for lists. Our children are making lists, and we too are staying organized with lists – both personally and while at work. Whether its all the people you have to buy presents for in your eight-sibling family, or a slightly larger (okay – much, much […]

AEM Touch UI Dialog Validation New Best Practice: Use Foundation-Validation

Oftentimes, AEM developers will be asked to develop a validator for the component dialog. Back in the Classic UI dialog days, you would probably write a JavaScript function for dialog before submitting an event. In Touch UI dialog, if you’ve Googled around, you probably found a lot articles/codes to use jQuery based validator, i.e. $.validator.register({}). Recently, I […]

Things to Look Out for When Upgrading to AEM 6.3

If you have been using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to host your sites for a while, and are now looking to upgrade to AEM 6.3 (whether considering an in-place upgrade or a fresh new install), I am sure you’ve already found some good public documentation from Adobe. (If you are wondering if you should upgrade, here are […]

Features That Will Make You Love AEM 6.3 Workflows

In earlier releases of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), there’s no way of knowing whether the editing page is in the workflow process. Authors need to go into workflow inbox to look and see if they have any pages/items assigned as part of the workflow. With the release of AEM 6.3, Adobe has increased productivity with […]

Understanding and Trying Out the New AEM Dialog Conversion Tool Version 2

You may have been on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for more than three years, no matter if you are an admin, developer or author, you probably got used to the legacy Classic UI interface and dialogs. Personally, I tend to use the Classic UI site admin console to view/manage content pages, because I like how […]

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