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New From Perficient Digital: Content Reports in AEM

Report Builder

Last week a new version of ACS AEM Commons, 3.14.0 dropped. This latest release included a new feature for creating configurable reports. These reports allow semi-technical users and administrators to create and execute custom reports and export the results as a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.


Why do you need Content Reports?


Content reports allow authors and content managers to get easy access to critical information such as:


  • Which pages are published vs. unpublished
  • What pages have a particular component
  • The status of authoring efforts or workflows
  • List of pages updated by a report process


Unfortunately, in AEM OOTB, this cannot be done without developer support. Now, with the ACS AEM Commons Report Builder, all of these reports can be created by any semi-technical author.


How do I use ACS AEM Commons Report Builder?


The ACS AEM Commons Report Builder is easy and intuitive to use. I wrote up extensive documentation on how to use if you have any questions, but there are essentially three ways to use the tool.


#1 – Execute Reports


Website users can easily run reports, including providing parameters to configure the results. 



#2 – Customize Reports


Advanced authors and administrators can configure the report columns, parameters, and queries. 


#2 – Extend Reports


Developers can extend the Report Builder by adding new Report Executors, Column types, and Parameter types.


Getting ACS AEM Commons Report Builder


Report Builder is available in ACS AEM Commons version 3.14.0+ and is compatible with AEM 6.3+.


Download ACS AEM Commons


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