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Feature Personalization Native Apps

Mastering Feature Personalization for Native Mobile Apps and Web Applications

Fresh from the latest experimentation and personalization conferences, it’s evident that while artificial intelligence (AI) is the top trend, personalization remains a pivotal factor in your website and native mobile app. Surprisingly, many companies still underutilize this powerful tool. They may experiment with geo-targeting and content tweaks but struggle to see the direct impact on […]

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A/B Testing Tools Advance For Better Results in Experiments

Tools for A/B testing are getting better, so you can get more out of your experiments. Readers, buckle up! Let’s launch through the evolution of the A/B testing tool. You might be thinking, “Really, that’s exciting?” However, this journey is a wild one that has accelerated thanks to technological advancements and a growing understanding of […]

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Seven Reasons for Google Optimize Customers to Move to Optimizely Experimentation

If you are a Google Optimize customer, then September 30th is an important date for your organization. Google  Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after this date. Businesses that rely on Google Optimize will have to find a new solution and should start researching alternatives. Optimizely, the leader in experimentation, is the […]

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Understanding the Architecture of Sitecore Personalize & CDP

Often when people think about Sitecore Personalize, they are only thinking about Web Experiments or Experiences – The feature of the product that allows them to add a pop-up, modal or swap content on their websites. But the platform really is so much more powerful than that. It is really meant to be the foundational […]

Non-Sitecore Posts about Sitecore Topics

One of the great things about working for Perficient is being surrounded by a great deal of very experienced, knowledgeable and motivated technologists – many of whom are working in a completely different technology than I am working.  Another reason is that a good deal of these co-workers are not only willing to be open […]

The Role of A/B Testing in User Experience Design

In life, we’re never done testing and learning about ourselves; your business is no different. I am a strong advocate in the concept of incorporating A/B testing throughout the cycle of implementing new web sites, landing pages, and just about anything that has an important call to action that can lead to big business rewards. […]

Sitecore 6.6 Technical Preview MVC Test Lab Bug Fix

Last week I wrote a blog post about a fix for the bug you will get in Sitecore 6.6 rev 120622 when you try utilizing DMS Personalization on an MVC site.  If you are interested in using the Sitecore Test Lab, which allows Content Editors to create A/B and Multivariate Tests on their content in the […]

20 Lines of Code That Will Beat A/B Testing Every Time

Slashdot highlighted a great post on an alternative method to A/B testing.  Those of you in the commerce related world are probably very familiar with A/B testing and I’m willing to bet that you have achieved decent results.  However, it has one problem, it takes a lot of time to set it up, review the […]