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Mohini Rahate

Mohini Rahate is a skilled IT professional with experience in cloud platforms, including cloud development, administration, and migration. She develops creative solutions, leverages DevOps processes, and delivers engineering solutions for organizations.

Blogs from this Author

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How to Migrate Data to Cloud Spanner using Striim

Businesses prefer the cloud over traditional On-Prem for their business apps for various reasons such as high availability, cost savings, enhanced security, etc. One challenge that needs to be addressed in planning for data migration is the need for continuous data ingestion in cloud storage. One of the most reliable ETL tools to address this […]

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

Load Data From Amazon RDS to Snowflake Using Matillion ETL Tool

Amazon Relational Database Service, a  service provided by Amazon Web Services, is a fully managed SQL database cloud service that allows you to create and operate relational databases. With Amazon RDS, one can access all the files and database anywhere in a cost-effective and highly scalable way. Snowflake is a cloud-based platform that helps data […]

Woman and man looking at two computer screens, woman pointing at screen.

Kubernetes on Multi-Cloud using Terraform

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source platform that manages containerized workloads and services and expedites declarative configuration and automation. K8s is often described as a container orchestration platform. Containers provide a lightweight mechanism for isolating an application’s environment. For example, containerizing an application not only means building a package that holds an application but all the […]