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Senior Technical Consultant

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5 Ways Collaboration Comes Easy with My Perficient Sitecore Team

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Eric Sanner, a senior technical consultant, writes about his experiences collaborating with his Perficient Sitecore colleagues. One of the things I enjoy about working at Perficient is that it’s a big company, but it has a small company feel. I’m a senior […]

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“We’ve Got a Problem.” How Scrum Tells Us What That Means

Has someone come to you as a developer and said, “Looks like we’ve got a problem?” What do you think of when the person says this to you? Do you assume the worse or something that can be delayed? I supposed it depends on the urgency conveyed by the speaker. But it is difficult to […]

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Sitecore Symposium 2017: What’s New In Azure?

What’s New In Azure? This session was led by Michael Collier. He talked about some of the new features in the Azure portal. The following are my notes from the session: Storage Service Encryption Data encrypted at rest Can have automatic key management Automatically encrypted on save and read Vulnerability Assessment in SQL Runs scans […]

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4 Easy Steps to Custom Sections in web.config

In a recent project, I used the web.config file to store some configuration settings that could easily be modified without redeploying code. I used the standard appSettings in <configurations><appSettings><add key=”” value=”” /> .  This works great when you have a specific key name and value. For one specific setting, I needed a little more flexibility.  I created a custom […]

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Developing for Ignition – Business Logic

Ignition is an open source framework for Sitecore, developed by Perficient. It follows industry best practices for architecture and dependencies. It is fast and easy for developers to build new content components. Search for more articles about Ignition or check out the online documentation. In this article I will continue using my “ContentBlurb” component […]

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You Can Take it with You – A Mobile Monitor Review

We all have our normal workstations setup just the way we like them. The monitor, or most likely, monitors, speakers, mouse, desk space, etc. But what happens when you need to work away from your normal workstation? I always feel cramped looking into the single viewport on my laptop. I’m definitely not as productive as […]

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