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Ksenia Kudelkina Zs1kn5dqm1m Unsplash

Create Experiences with Multiple Layouts in Sitecore Personalize

Sitecore Personalize uses a combination of experiences, decision models and offers to personalize content.  An experience defines a variant.  The variant is used to create the UI for the experience.  The decision model uses programmables and decision tables to select an offer.  The variant reads data from the offer to populate the UI.  By default, […]

Jermaine Ee Wb Tfze6xhm Unsplash

Using Docker – Life After Docker Desktop

Many people are starting to moving away from Docker Desktop.  It is important to remember that Docker Desktop is not Docker!  Docker is a standalone tool that allows you to run containers.  Docker Desktop is a separate tool that gives you some information about your images and containers in a nice GUI.  In this article, […]

Aleksandra Foslie Jentoft Eqvrlana Rq Unsplash

Getting to Know Sitecore Search – Revisited

Welcome back to getting to know Sitecore Search.  Sitecore Search is an evolving product.  Products are moving away from large monolithic products with long upgrade/release cycles to smaller composable products with shorter agile upgrade/release cycles.  In this post, I’ll revisit several of my previous posts and make updates based on changes in the product and […]

Giorgio Trovato 0bpzdhwgooq Unsplash

Number 100

I have been working at Perficient for almost 8 years.  I have always enjoyed writing blogs and sharing my knowledge with others.  This is my 100th blog post!  WOW!  I can’t believe I finally made it!  Come with me while I take a look back at 8 years worth of content. Series I write a […]

Rory Mckeever Gobpkszspsk Unsplash

Getting to know Sitecore Search – Part 7

Welcome back to getting to know Sitecore search.  In this post, we’ll continue modifying our react ui to add a search bar, facets, sort options, and more style updates. Update Search Results Component In the previous post we used the basic search results component.  But it was missing a search bar.  Luckily, the sdk has […]

Daniel Ali Ju1yfzkrxvg Unsplash

Making Sitecore Sites More Accessible and Screen Reader Friendly

Aria labels provide alternate text to adaptive technology tools such as screen readers.  This helps website visitors navigate the site more accurately.  One use case for aria-labels is on html anchor tags.  Sitecore does not a way to manage this text by default.  Follow along and I’ll show you how to modify the various link […]

Mostafa Meraji Babuf4bkpdm Unsplash

Getting to know Sitecore Search – Part 6

Welcome back to Getting to know Sitecore Search.  In my last post, we build a basic UI using jQuery.  In this post, we’ll use the Sitecore Search React SDK to build a more modern UI frontend for our Sitecore Search results. Documentation At the time of writing this blog post, Sitecore has recently released updated […]

Ryan Snaadt Tsrnxevecbs Unsplash

Keeping Sitecore Content Authors Happy and Productive

“I hate Sitecore.” As a developer, I have heard that many times.  But it’s usually not true.  It was probably not organized, configured, or explained logically.  Or the dev team never took the time to see the post-launch care through the eyes of the non-dev team that was going to inherit this system. Sitecore is […]

Dmitry Ganin Kufyafyikjk Unsplash

Getting to know Sitecore Search – Part 5

Welcome back to getting to know Sitecore search.  In this post, we’ll build a simple UI frontend for our Sitecore Search results.  This by no means is a fully working solution nor the most modern.  But it should give you a start and help you avoid some pitfalls during setup. Background When I started this […]

Shahadat Rahman Bfrqnkbulyq Unsplash

Import Data From Merlin to Finish Your Migration to Sitecore

In previous posts, I shared my journey with Sitecore Data Exchange Framework and using Merlin to migrate your site to Sitecore.  Learning how to use Merlin was only one part of migrating a site.  In this post, I’ll share my powershell script to pull in data from Merlin and populate your content tree.  I’ll continue […]

Amandine Bataille 5w78i6jvbjw Unsplash

Using Merlin to Migrate Your Site to Sitecore

In a previous post, I shared my journey with Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.  I was excited to use it to create a reusable importer process.  In the end, I decided it was not the right tool for me.  I ended up using Powershell.  In the process of researching site migration tools, I discovered “Merlin”.  Merlin […]

Forest Simon Tx0ufdscv4 Unsplash

Getting to know Sitecore Search – Part 4

Welcome back to getting to know Sitecore search.  In this post, we’ll focus on the advanced web crawler.  We’ll modify the source, document extractors, taggers and attributes to customize our indexed documents. Manage Sources To manage sources, visit Administration/Sources From this screen you can see a list of your sources.  You can see the source […]

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