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Sunbelt Rentals: Winner at the 2023 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

Adobe Experience Maker Award: Sunbelt Rentals

The Engager

A huge congratulations to our client Sunbelt Rentals for winning an Adobe Experience Maker Award in the Engager category!

At the prestigious 2023 Adobe Experience Maker Awards’ gala held on June 21 at Rockefeller Center’s iconic Rainbow Room in New York City, Sunbelt Rentals emerged as the winner for The Engager category. This award recognizes the company’s exceptional achievements in transforming pipeline creation to drive measurable business growth.

Sunbelt Rentals, a leader in the equipment rental industry, has showcased innovation, extraordinary customer experiences, and impactful contributions to digital transformation and experience-led growth across industries worldwide.

April Deibert, Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient and gala attendee on the award shared, “What an honor to represent Perficient at the gala alongside our incredible award-winning client, Sunbelt Rentals!”

Microsoftteams Image (37)

L to R Perficient’s April Deibert standing outside the event venue in New York City. Sunbelt Rentals’ Ronald Gaines holding The Engager award from Adobe. Perficient’s April Deibert holding The Engager award from Adobe.

The Sunbelt Rentals Legacy

Sunbelt Rentals operates a vast network of over 1,100 physical locations across North America and the United Kingdom. With an extensive portfolio of more than 14,000 product types and a team of over 18,000 dedicated professionals, they deliver comprehensive solutions to support a wide range of industries. The company caters to customers through various channels, including brick and mortar stores, eCommerce platforms, government contracting, and peer-to-peer sales.

Prior to leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, Sunbelt Rentals faced challenges related to scalability and rapid growth. They needed a solution that could bring campaigns to market quickly and deliver the right messages at the right time. To address these pain points, Sunbelt Rentals chose Adobe Commerce and Marketo Engage. These solutions were selected for their ability to scale with the company’s expanding enterprise and integrate seamlessly with other tools and software.

A Strengthened Operation using Adobe

By implementing Adobe solutions, Sunbelt Rentals transformed the customer experience and work management processes. They were able to create a customized user experience that was not previously available. The integration between Adobe Commerce and Marketo Engage allowed Sunbelt Rentals to implement a custom Adobe Commerce/Marketo Engage Connector, enabling personalized abandoned cart emails (ACEs) and an abandoned cart nurture drip campaign. This resulted in increased abandoned cart conversion rates, capturing previously lost revenue.

The measurable business impact and ROI driven by Adobe Experience Cloud solutions for Sunbelt Rentals are impressive. The launch of the Connector and Nurture led to an estimated abandoned cart conversion rate increase.  Furthermore, Sunbelt Rentals increased marketable records, reduced sending marketing materials to competitors, and normalized data within the system, resulting in improved campaign effectiveness and personalized content.

Team Perficient

As an Adobe Platinum Partner we were pleased to be the implementer on the project. We developed the Adobe Commerce/Marketo Engage Connector, integrated Marketo Engage and Adobe Commerce, and provided custom reports for enhanced marketing attribution. Perficient’s expertise and collaboration with Sunbelt Rentals were instrumental in the successful implementation of the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Congratulations Sunbelt Rentals!

The recognition of Sunbelt Rentals as the winner of The Engager Category at the 2023 Adobe Experience Maker Awards’ gala is a testament to their commitment to customer-centric digital transformation and experience-led growth. By leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, working closely with Perficient, and integrating various business systems, Sunbelt Rentals has achieved remarkable results in driving measurable business growth and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their holistic approach to the customer funnel and tailored content delivery have positioned them as industry leaders in the equipment rental sector. Congratulations once again to Sunbelt Rentals for this well-deserved accolade!

Adobe Experience Maker Award: Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals Team receiving their Engager Award.

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