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How to Streamline and Scale Your Digital Asset Management

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Experience Makers Live 2022

Whether you are embarking on your digital journey, are ready to elevate your craft at an enterprise level or are further educating yourself on the future of digital customer experiences, the Adobe Experience Makers 2022 track has something for you. This year our own Zach Fischer, Perficient Senior Solution Architect, was invited to join Kenny Rajan, AWS Senior Partner Solutions Architect, to discuss streamlining digital asset management.

Accelerating Your Digital Journey: Learn to manage and deliver relevant contents at Scale

Personalization is at the forefront of all enterprises’ minds when it comes to user’s journeys that impact purchases and brand loyalty. Diverse, fresh, consistent, connected, enriching, and streamlined are all favorable words when it comes to high velocity content that is meeting unprecedented demand. To navigate processes in today’s digital landscape with zero friction takes connected and cohesive platforms. This brings us to the excitement around how Perficient, AWS, and Adobe are scaling asset management solutions.

These expansive and complex systems not only need proficiencies in terms of data storage, but they also need automatic scaling functionalities and intelligent capabilities to be competitive. Customer intelligence and personalization can be amplified by leveraging search platforms that grow with the overall solution. Perficient has found Amazon Kendra’s intelligent search capabilities, customization potential, and APIs to be powerful tools in search experience design[i]. With years of experience developing data source connectors, building intelligent search experiences, and improving customer experiences, Perficient developed Handshake, a connector platform that integrates with Amazon Kendra.

Perficient’s experience also spans assisting customers build, migrate, and evolve highly complex AEM implementations across different infrastructures. Leveraging delivery blueprints, experience, and thought leadership, Perficient is eager to help more customers migrate to AWS and further amplify usage of this groundbreaking infrastructure that is presently solving real world technical and business challenges.

Learn More!

Join us September 13th to learn more from Zach on the benefits of Handshake integrations with Kendra, news ways of using AEM, and how Perficient could be the best partner to help get you started.

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[i] Amazon Kendra adds new search connectors from AWS Partner, Perficient, to help customers search enterprise content faster by Zach Fischer and Jean-Pierre Dodel


If you would like to speak to a Perficient expert about your digital experience journey, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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