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8 Capabilities for Agile M&A in Healthcare Organizations

Doctor And Patient

As the numbers of mergers and acquisitions continue to rise, the majority still fail to realize their intended value. Following best-practices and using third party support can help increase your chances of success. Perficient’s wide variety of tools and assets in the following eight capability categories help complement and drive the overall success of a M&A transaction throughout the entire M&A timeline. Here are some action items you should consider under each capability for each phase of the M&A timeline:


  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Consider strategic financial modeling, consolidated financial reporting roadmaps, persona & journey maps, and baseline KPIs.
  • Close: Forecast impacts, evaluate journey maps, and assess KPI dashboards.
  • Post-close: Continuously measure KPI success.
  • So what? Work to assess financial impacts, minimize friction points, optimize member and employee experience, and iterate based on KPI re-assessment.

Business Architecture

  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Consider ERP (SAP, Oracle, etc.), CPM (Oracle, OneStream, etc.), CRM (Salesforce, Adobe, etc.), mail, corporate portals, data engineering (warehouse), and interim/permanent platform.
  • Close: Establish best practice recommendations, consolidated financials & management view, ROI valuation, north star, and shared cloud implementation.
  • Post-close: Implement best practices, and operate/go-forward/sunset.
  • So what? Get it right the first time, accelerate realization of platform harmonization, accelerate speed/security/agility, and reduce operational costs.

Member/Consumer Experience

  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Review office, active directory/authentication, digital front door, corporate portals, brand/re-brand, etc.
  • Close: Determine present go-forward architecture and re-branding.
  • Post-close: Execute on the plan.
  • So what? Operationalize best practices and accelerate your time to market.

Analytics & AI

  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Consider insight gathering, organizational models (spans & layers) to optimize roles, skills, etc.
  • Close: Perform insights review from analysis (e.g., assess operational KPI’s, trends, warning signs).
  • Post-close: Provide consolidated financial results, ongoing reports, continuation of encapsulating data and making recommendations, and develop/implement action plans based on insights.
  • So what? Save time identifying short lists of targets using AI methods, driving data driven decisions, and increasing your probability of success.

Managed Services

  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Build Dev/SecOps, infrastructure/hosting, help desk, and disaster recovery.
  • Close: Enable your service operations.
  • Post-close: Consider run of show measurement, and adjustment.
  • So what? Streamline your operations, lower your total cost of ownership, boost speed/agility/time to market, maximize uptime, and improve SLAs.

HCM/Change Management

  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Perform current/future state organizational assessment and optimization guidance.
  • Close: Provide communications rollout and change plan implementation while closing the deal.
  • Post-close: Consider run of show and engagement surveys (OHI).
  • So what? Retain your talent and optimize your organizational structure.

Agile Leadership

  • Pre-close/Due diligence: Build M&A mobilization and Agile workstream alignment.
  • Close: Enable your value stream execution.
  • Post-close: Monitor and continue to use best practices.
  • So what? Effectively enhance speed/predictability and promote best practices.

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Healthcare M&A Successes

A large US healthcare organization turned to our business architecture capabilities when an acquisition left them struggling with a complex set of redundant, un-consolidated systems. By implementing a Pivotal application solution with Boomi, the reengineered data integration strategy consolidated its application portfolio and solved thousands of daily EDI/HL7 transactions. This consolidated solution saved time and resources. The automated PCF user onboarding process went from hours to less than a minute, and Purge application automation as part of CI/CD saved memory and disk resources.

A US health system turned to Perficeint’s analytics & AI services when acquisitions left them with multiple EHRs and non-integrated systems. We implemented data warehouse, data modeling, and analytics solutions. Dashboards delivered valuable insights on CMI, volume/discharge, readmissions, length-of-stay, revenue cycle and costing, and patient satisfaction. The solution provided harmonization of clinical and financial data across disparate systems, presenting a single, trusted enterprise view of data that powers informed business decisions.

A large medical device company used our member/consumer experience capabilities to consolidate disparate websites into a cohesive brand experience and optimize processes after an acquisition. Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Target, we created a new platform that integrated content from many websites and provides an exceptional UX for both internal and external sources. We consolidated content from 600+ websites, migrated more than 2 million records into the system, and migrated 16,000 E-manuals into AEM library for a seamless patient/phycisian/healthcare professional experience.

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Why Perficient?

Partner with Perficient to leverage our existing skills and assets within the context of an M&A transaction to help your organization succeed where so many others fail. Our business architecture capabilities pinpoint how technology best services the needs of your business, operations, customers, and brand. With our data & analytics expertise, we deliver early insights into the M&A transaction while minimizing risk. 

Our healthcare experts power process rationalization (e.g., corporate real estate, supply chain, purchasing, etc.). Program leadership brings enterprise-level know-how, built through our experience supporting the largest brands in the U.S. Our end-to-end capabilities combine a deep understanding of technology, architecture, and platforms, and we can bring your people and processes along as well.

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Sean Hunt

Sean Hunt is currently a Sr. Solutions Architect with Perficient in their Healthcare Practice, a former VP of Technology with a Population Health company, Senior Director at Express Scripts and Deloitte, EY, and Microsoft Consultant with extensive experience leading process and business transformation initiatives in a variety of industries, including healthcare, and bridging the gap between operational decisions and financial targets. Sean has developed deep expertise in process re-engineering, business process transformation, M&A integration, data analytics, large-scale operations, and full lifecycle ERP implementations throughout his career. Additionally, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile professional.

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