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8 Ways Perficient is Helping Organizations Plan, Activate, Monitor, and Expand DE&I Initiatives

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Healthcare organizations play key roles in offering access to care, employing, and motivating skilled workers, and acting as social safety nets in their communities. They, along with life sciences organizations, serve on the front lines of addressing health equity.

A well-planned and executed DE&I strategy not only creates a healthier and more welcoming environment for team members, but research from McKinsey has shown that these programs can also have significant benefits to an organization’s financial performance.

Delivering on the aspirational goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) requires vision and diligence. As a global digital consultancy, we are uniquely positioned to equip healthcare and life sciences leaders as they plan, activate, monitor, and expand their DE&I initiatives.

The Impact Our End-to-End Expertise Makes on DE&I Initiatives

Experts from across Perficient are working together to support healthcare organizations’ DE&I initiatives across a variety of specializations, including:

  1. Strategic Planning and KPI Identification / Tracking: We partner with healthcare leaders to think through strategic approaches (e.g., developing dedicated teams and budget focused on health equity) and to establish and continuously track KPIs.
  2. Change Management: Our change management professionals apply broad-based business experience and expertise to drive user engagement and adoption of major change programs. We help healthcare leaders manage the transition process to ensure their team is ready, willing, and able to perform effectively in the new environment (e.g., implementing acceptance of a DE&I program throughout an organization).
  3. Personas & Journey Mapping: Including diverse populations in persona development, journey mapping, and user testing is key to understanding their specific friction points, barriers, and expectations.
  4. Data Integration: Integrating a client’s current EDW or data lakes with publicly available data sources (e.g., Feeding America, Healthy People 2030, Common Core data, etc.). allows the client to identify patients likely impacted by different SDOH circumstances. With this direction, payers, organizations, or provider groups can create programs/outreach to their members to impact SDOH and health equity within their population. We work with their digital teams to integrate community resources on their patient portal to address SDOH (e.g.: food pantry, Lyft program to doctor appointments, etc.). This creates a personalized experience for the member, and targets areas they may need the most help.
  5. AI & ML: We balance the need for better, quicker, and faster improvement with the real and pervasive risk that if we build these tools without thinking all the time about DE&I, we could be building inequity into the technology solutions that should minimize inequity, not exacerbate it.
  6. Accessibility: We keep individual’s diverse user stories and unique challenges in mind and consider how health conditions and temporary impairments may impact an individuals’ ability to interact with digital experiences.
  7. Content Strategy & Messaging: User experience, content strategy, and messaging are also key to addressing DE&I. Ensuring everyone feels a sense of belonging builds trust, brand loyalty, and adherence to clinical protocols.
  8. Clinical Trials: We enable life sciences leaders to build inclusion into the clinical trials that determine if a new drug or medical device is safe and effective.

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Healthcare Leaders Turn to Us

Perficient is dedicated to enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within their companies. Our healthcare practice is comprised of experts who understand the unique challenges facing the industry. The 10 largest health systems and 10 largest health insurers in the U.S. have counted on us to support their end-to-end digital success. Modern Healthcare has also recognized us as the fourth largest healthcare IT consulting firm. With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Perficient is a trusted, end-to-end, global digital consultancy.

We bring pragmatic, strategically-grounded know-how to our clients’ initiatives. And our work gets attention – not only by industry groups that recognize and award our work but also by top technology partners that know our teams will reliably deliver complex, game-changing implementations. Most importantly, our clients demonstrate their trust in us by partnering with us again and again. We are incredibly proud of our 90% repeat business rate because it represents the trust and collaborative culture that we work so hard to build every day within our teams and with every client.

Contact us to learn how we can help you plan and implement a successful DE&I initiative for your organization.

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Tara Becker

Tara leads our teams of healthcare strategists and consumer experience experts. She has over 20 years of strategic marketing experience and spent 15 years of her career leading service line growth and digital marketing at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Her expertise extends to marketing strategy, creative positioning, digital marketing, business development, and process improvement. She loves to diagnose complex business challenges that range from market positioning to customer acquisition and digital transformation, and she develops innovative solutions to help clients achieve measurable results. Her passion is in bridging the gap between consumer needs, healthcare marketing, and hospital operations to provide long-lasting and meaningful patient experiences. Tara holds a BFA from Tufts University and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

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