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Focus on Customer Obsession by Understanding Consumer Needs, Wants, and Expectations

How close are you really to your customers? In this fast-changing consumer environment, staying close to the customer is critical. The relationship and understanding of your customer should be used to drive strategies across the entire organization.  

We all get high-level behavioral segmentation studies and marketing personas, but they don’t get us closer to the actual customer. In reality, do we know how that is really going to help us with the conversion rate? Not exactly, but understanding the individual buying journey and creating trust through the entire buying process is what will help drive conversion and loyalty over again.  

Your starting point 

Having empathetic knowledge of your customers and delivering tailored real-time solutions will build on the noble purpose of insurance – protection of your consumers’ unique risks – and gain competitive advantages in a digital offer environment. You can do this by leveraging data and intelligence to be data-enabled and driven as well as platforms and technology to deliver real-time connected experiences and frictionless services. And most importantly, use authentic, relevant brand messages and experiences that are tailored to your audience and authentic in your tone.  

To get this deep understanding of your customers, you’ll want to focus on getting the voice of the customer (VOC) through surveys and one-on-one conversations. Then, create empathy maps that help you understand the expectations of your customers and then create informed personalized experiences. Finally, develop buying journeys that show your understanding and empathy across all the touchpoints of the buying journey.  

Commitment to Your Customer Starts From Within 

By becoming customer-obsessed and showing empathy through the entire buying journey, customers will start converting and developing loyalty well before they reach the shopping cart.  

For more information on enhancing your commerce strategy with the assistance of rising insurance trends, download our guide, Commerce Experiences and the Rise of Digital-First Insurance, and connect with Brian Bell and Beth Duerr on LinkedIn to engage with them further on the growing relationship between commerce and insurance.     

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Beth Duerr

Beth Duerr serves as a Commerce Strategy Consultant at Perficient, partnering with clients to define the best strategy and approach for their digital commerce transformation. With over ten years of experience in the commerce field, her practical operations, procurement, marketplace, and leadership experience brings a realistic approach to strategy.

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